Nov 272013

Just when I thought Yahoo! Local couldn’t get worse, they surprised me. A few days ago I noticed that the usual “Edit business details” link under the business information on a Yahoo! Local listing has been substituted by “Publish your Yahoo listing on 40 more top local directories” (check here what this means).

Yahoo Localworks Pushed

This practically means that Yahoo is ready to sacrifice the accuracy of their business information, and more specifically - the user-based and business-owner-based feedback part of the process of keeping the information accurate, for the sake of fast cash. For a comparison, imagine a case where you go to your/your client’s Google+ Local listing, click on Manage this page, and you are redirected to a paid solution similar to AdWords Express, instead of a page where you could edit the information and submit it for verification.

However, this “inevitability” sales strategy is neither unique, nor employed for the first time in the space. A few weeks ago MapQuest decided to move their whole local listings business management business to Yext, and if you tried to claim your listing, you would be redirected to Yext’s platform.

MapQuest Yext Pushed

For quite some time now similar thing has been happening with - when you click on “Claim Your Listing” you are taken to a page that gets you introduced to Yext.

Even longer ago, Whitepages (and their whole network) adopted this model, too. In Whitepages’ business listings help page the following is stated:

To Add, Edit or Remove a Business Listing:
Option 1: Contact Listing Provider (ExpressUpdate)
Option 2: Update all your listings with Yext PowerListings

Fortunately, there are workarounds (at least for now) for getting a listing to each of these business directories created or updated. As such workarounds tend to be abused (and subsequently stop working) if shared publicly, I would not share them here, but would be happy to do so if contacted personally.

Do you think these serious changes in the way business directories react on the changing environment in the space would affect small business owners positively or negatively?

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  1. Considering the fact that Yahoo Local doesn’t even load properly for me half the time and is making move after move to go down the tubes, I think they’re either going to shut down or can the project soon.

    It’s a shame.

  2. I’m so glad you posted about this. We started seeing the same thing last week. What a disappointment that Yahoo is making claiming a basic listing even more difficult than it already was.

  3. Thanks for updating us Nyagoslav - Looks like Yext is taking over and starting with the what we considered the “high quality” listing. Since Yahoo! Local and Mapquest are both search engines it is important that your listing have correct information. That said, no one likes being told that they need to pay for a service. If I were a business owner trying to claim the listing and it forced me to purchase Yext, I would get frustrated and go on to the next one. I’m not sure what agencies do when they run across roadblocks like Yext. You will probably have a lot of them asking you for the work arounds. : )

    The listings that remain Free and are easy for business owners and agencies to claim and update, will eventually dominate. Making sure your Google+ Local (formally Google Places) page is correct is even more important now.

  4. Certainly good for Yext.

  5. I have worked with hundreds of clients over the past few years, claiming higher quality listings on their behalf. Of the relatively few who have experienced Yext, I don’t know of any who have stayed on for the second year. They don’t see the value in spending money every month for something they never really look at again. It’s sad that business owners don’t take more interest in how 3rd party companies are representing their businesses online, but that’s the reality of things in my experience.

    So, it will be interesting to see how successful Yext is in the long run using the monthly payment model for a service that is almost a one-time thing in the customer’s eyes. (yes, I’m aware of the importance of signing in and participating with each directory from time to time, but honestly, how many business owners actually do that? And, I know that Yext pushes a value proposition in that the owner can update coupons and such. But again, how many actually take advantage of that?)

  6. I can see that will create and increase frustration for small business owners. Also as we know it could create multiple listing for business since yext can’t remove the duplicate listing if it exists.

    Thanks for sharing Nyagoslav !

  7. Ridiculous, saw this yesterday (trying to fix a repeatedly Yahoo problem with never updating business hours for a local listing), just all the more reason for the whole shebang to fizzle away into obscurity.

    Are they really serious with their BS product offerings>> Enhanced Listings, Localworks, other 3rd party SEM..etc. More corp deals that hurt more than help the average small business owner.

    And Yext is like Yelp (in my experience)..I’ll leave it at that.

    If we the people stop using it as a useless search engine, outdated mail platform, and whatever the hell MyYahoo pretends to be (I use both personally - mea culpa) with TV commercials about DJs using their platform to achieve a better more organized life..maybe just maybe Apple, MS, or Google will swallow it up for the better.

  8. Yet another example of Yahoo’s lack of a future in local. Unwilling (or unable) to spend the money to do local right. Let’s just send people over to Yext and take a commission on it.

  9. I received a notice from Yahoo after requesting help over and over on a listing with a bad url attached and they emailed me this:

    Response Via Email (Hugh) 12/23/2013 09:20 AM

    Thank you for contacting Yahoo Local Listings Support.

    Assisted support is no longer offered for Local Basic customers.

    In order to best assist you, I have listed the most common issues affecting our Yahoo Local Listings customers below:

    Incorrect information on your listing:

    To ensure the consistency of your business information across the web, please claim your listing at the URLs below and update it as necessary:

    • Amacai (known as Localeze) -

    • InfoUSA (known as ExpressUpdate) -

    • Yext Diagnostic Tool -

    Yep, you can fix your Yahoo for free anymore.


  10. Do we need UBL, Localeze, InfoGroup’s Express Update Premium or Yahoo’s White Label Yext listing if we go with the Yext’s PowerListing? I do not work for any of these companies but I do recommend them to my clients from time-to-time.

    InfoGroup’s Express Update Premium $29.99/mo or $314.99/yr

    Neustar’s Localeze listing claims to have “…a direct distribution network of 100+ local search platforms.” $300/yr

    I used the UBL Essential Package that claims 150 digital distribution points for $79/year.

  11. Hi Nyagoslav,

    I hope this counts as personally contacting you. Please email me about the workarounds as you stated at the end of the article about getting a listing to each of these business directories created or updated.

    Also, I am a small business owner trying to figure out this perplex tangled mess that rapidly evolves. My strategy for local listings so far has been manually building and listings. Next, I am planning to do my Google + Business page and Acxiom.

    I gather Factual and Yext report to Yelp. Are there any other aggregators or directories that report to Yelp?

    I don’t want to be on Yelp, because I figure it will make it more convenient for competitors or crazy customers with unfounded claims to ruin the reputation of my business. I would like to postpone Yelp as much as possible.

    I am debating whether to list with Express Update, because I saw on their page that they partner with Yelp. Do you know if this is through their (Yext white-label) premium service, the standard service, or both?

    Feel free to edit this as you choose for a posting.

  12. Hi Nyagoslav, I know it’s been a while since this thread was active but am wondering if it’s still possible to claim or verify Yahoo listings without Yext. Are those workarounds still working? If so, can you email them to me?
    Thank you!
    Cheers, Eileen

  13. Hi Nyagoslav, I hope you are still active on this. I was wondering if you could e-mail me the workaround for yahoo local listings. Thank you very much.

  14. We offer a similar service to Yext where we claim and update business listings, but we do this only for the top 10 publishers. Really all others become noise because they do not show up in Google’s search results and they hold a much much lower weight when it comes to the business’s web presence. Yext and Yahoo getting small businesses to pay $500-$1,000 for this service is dishonest, given they are well aware of the minimal value of their service. -makeitmindful

  15. Bye bye Yahoo, you were once loved, but now like a fad from the 80s, you will sit in a dust covered server room…


    P.S. you could of survived if you didn’t let people who only know about ” money ” decide your company practices. What was the last thing yahoo provided that was as good as yahoo chat rooms? Answer is Nothing!

  16. I was trying to update my Yahoo listing and clearly found that I was not able to. As I tried to log into Yext I quickly only was able to see the price page. Your not able to get past the price page unless you pay the fees they ask for. I soon quickly have been flooded by Yext via email. Interestig piont is that the listing report they show you has many errors that says that your listing are incorrect. This is not so because many of the items listed I was able to verify that the listing are correct and Yext is operating under old data. Dupping people into thinking that the data is not up to date. I smell a suite against Yext for falsely reporting in accurate data.

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