Viral Launch Coupon Code 2022: Get Upto 40% Off Now

Looking for a Viral Launch coupon on the internet? You just found it by clicking on this page. I’ve brought you not one but two coupons of Viral Launch and both of them are active and working as of now.

When I began my FBA journey, I wanted a tool that can give my business a starting boost and Viral Launch was the one for me. Since then, my business has been grown exponentially. I also wanted a discount offer on Viral Launch but I couldn’t find any working coupon on Viral Launch. So after using it for a year, I have contacted the Viral Launch team and brought these two coupons.

This post not only includes the details of these coupons but also includes the how-to guide to claim those coupons. Read the full post to get to know everything about the Viral Launch Coupon.

Available Viral Launch Coupon & Discount Code

Now you want to know what these coupons are what kind of discount offers these coupons have. Let’s discuss these coupons in detail.

Coupon 1#. If you’re planning to purchase the Viral Launch yearly version then use this coupon. This coupon gives you a total discount of 40% on all the annual plans of Viral Launch. This is a really great deal because even if you’re on a budget still you can purchase Viral Launch for a whole year.

Coupon 2#. Want to test Viral Launch for a month? Use this coupon which gives you a total discount of 20% on all the monthly plans of Viral Launch. This offer is also good but it only gives you a discount for the first month. You can not get the discount for the next month.

These coupons may not be available for a longer period of time so use them before the offer expires. I will update for more future offers here, after the expiration of these coupons.

The Exclusive Discount
Viral Launch Coupon
  • 40% OFF on the Annual Subscription
  • 20% OFF on the Monthly Subscription

How To Claim Viral Launch Coupon Easily? ( Step By Step)

Now comes the question that how you can claim these offers. The answer is simple just follow these given steps one at a time. Let’s take a look at these steps:

Step 1. If you’re having issues in applying these coupons then use this discount link to head over to the official website of Viral Launch. Click on the pricing option to see all the available pricing plans of Viral Launch.

Viral Launch Coupon - Overview

Step 2. You will see in the pricing section that there are 3 pricing plans available on Viral Launch. Every plan is based on your requirements. Select anyone to begin the process. I would suggest you to use the yearly plan on Viral Launch because it gives you the maximum discount.

Viral Launch - Pricing

Step 3. The next page is the account creation page. Here you need to create a brand new account on Viral Launch. If you have a Viral Launch account already then I would not recommend you to use that here because you might not get the offer with the existing account. Now you will see the enter coupon code option. Enter any one of the coupons to get the discount applied. Once you’re done entering the coupon just click on the “Subscribe Now” button.

Viral Launch - Offer

Step 4. The last step requires you to enter your payment and billing address details. Once you enter all your credit card information click on the “Subscribe” button.

Viral Launch - Subscribe Now

Now you’ve successfully purchased a plan for Viral Launch. To get started they will send you an account activation email on your personal email address. Start your business with Viral Launch now.

Why Should I Use Viral Launch?

Its no doubt that Viral Launch is the best Amazon FBA tool in the market. Here we have listed some reasons why should you consider Viral Launch. So without any hassle let’s dive into it. 

  • You can keep track of your important keyword matrics
  • Perform fast keyword research for the most relevant keywords
  • Identify profitable products with a product discovery tool. 
  • Help to launch your Amazon products 
  • With a market intelligence tool, you can estimate sales and market trends to validate your ideas. 

What is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch is the best and all-in-one platform that helps you to grow your Amazon FBA business. It offers many features to its users such as keyword research, product discovery, and many more. 

The best thing about the Viral launch is that you can get access to incredible data that help you to get detailed insight about many products which makes it the best tool to manage Amazon’s FBA business. Viral Launch is best known for its features such as market intelligence, product discovery, competitor intelligence, and keyword research which makes it the best Amazon FBA tool. 

Pricing Plans Of Viral Launch

You already know that Viral Launch has 3 pricing plans but what is the pricing of those plans. Let’s answer this question in this section.

1. Essential Plan: The base pricing of the Essential plan is $69/month. If you select the annual option then you have to pay $690/year which is equivalent to $58/month. This plan comes with all the basic features that you will need to begin your business. Some of these features are Advice & Guidance, Amazon Product Filtering, Keyword Search Volume, Global Data, and Chrome Browser Extension of Viral Launch.

2. Pro Plan: The base pricing of the Pro plan is $99/month. If you select the annual option of this plan then you have to pay $990/year which is equivalent to $83/month. This plan comes with all the advanced features that you will need to expand your business. The pro plan includes all the features of the Essential plan. You will also get SEO & Optimization, Data Metrics, Rank Tracking & Alerts, Competitor Monitoring, and Listing Health Analysis features.

3. Pro Plus Ads Plan: The base pricing of the Pro Plus Ads Plan is $199/month. If you choose the option of this plan then you will only have to pay $1990/year which is equivalent to just $166/month. This plan comes with all the expert features that you will need to establish your business as a brand. This plan also gives you access to features of the Pro plan. Along with that, this plan has features like Customised Automation, 24/7 campaign monitoring, and PPC Keyword Tracking.

Now you know what is the pricing of these plans and what they offer. It will help you in making your final decision of purchase.

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Final Verdict: Viral Launch Coupon Code (2022)

My journey with Viral Launch is still going on and I can rely on this tool completely. It saves me a lot of time for manual research for products. Here I just go to the product discovery and enter the keyword in the search box. It shows me all the products related to that keyword. I use the filter options to find the best products from among them.

Get upto 40% Off On Viral Launch

I did not need any guide to use this tool even though I was a beginner because this tool is made for beginners. Using the above-mentioned coupons, you can start your journey with Viral Launch at less prices. Let me know what do you think about these Viral Launch coupons in the comment section below.

FAQs On Viral Launch Coupon

How Can I use Viral Launch For free?

If you want to test Viral Launch then just sign up for its 14-day free trial using your details. If you’re not satisfied with the tool then cancel the free trial before it expires.

Can I get a refund for my purchase on Viral Launch?

No, you can not get a refund after the purchase because there is no money-back guarantee available on Viral Launch.

How accurate is Viral Launch?

The data accuracy of Viral Launch is 79.3% which is the second-highest in the data accuracy chart.

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