Nov 082012

A couple of weeks ago Sergiu Draganus demoed to me a new tool that his team is building  - Local SERP Checker. What the tool does is basically displaying the first page results for particular keywords, simulating what users in specific cities would see if searching for those keywords. The tool provides both the “raw” list of ranking pages and an organized heat map (I am a fan of those) that shows pages from what domains rank across different locations:

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The tool has the ability to display both organic and paid Geo-localized results for one or more keywords at a time. This provides the interesting opportunity to research and compare the difference between local intent keywords with and without Geo-modifier in the search query:

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The tool can be used in a number of different ways for local SEO research purposes:

1. Discovering high ranking domains across different locations, which supplemented with further research of these high ranking domains could point to typical features and best practices that could be used in one’s own local SEO strategy.

2. Discovering local link prospects - indirect competitors, in the same niche but targeting different location could turn into valuable link prospects.

3. Local citations sources - I have previously discussed researching local citation sources and their relevance to a niche/location based on how they rank, and the Local SERP Checker tool can make this work much easier.

4. Competition analysis - as the tool provides the option to perform checks for a big number of keywords at the same time, this could help understand who the major local competitors are.

Some additional features include checking localized SERPs across countries, as well as simulating the localized rankings from the “viewpoint” of a mobile user.

Currently it is impossible to choose which cities one would like to choose to see the localized rankings for (the cities are predefined), but this is a feature that will be added during the next update (within 2 weeks, according to Sergiu). Other features that are on the way include keyword monitoring and alerts, keyword suggestion tool, integration with Google Maps, and advanced local link prospecting analysis reports.

The Local SERP Checker currently has a free version, as well as a number of paid plans.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on this tool. Looks like it could be promising. I will definitely be checking it out.

  2. Thanks for the review, your articles inspired us for building new platform features.

    To meet user needs, we’ll release soon a bunch of tools which will help users build free Local SEO audits for their URLs in order to check what they are missing for ranking better on local search results.

    Any comment or suggestion is carefully analysed by the business development team so, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    • Thanks Sergiu! Your tool definitely has great potential as it goes into a niche that is not well-covered yet. I am sure some good suggestions would pop-up out of the comments here.

  3. Extremely useful tool. If the “choise of cities” feature will be included, I’ll buy it for sure!

  4. Thank you for sharing - and for the walk thru. Love the paid search inclusion too.
    Another great tool to add to the arsenal. …it is JUST for dentists right? ;

    • Chris, I also think the tool is a good addition to the local search tools bundle. And while I’m pretty sure it works fine with dentists, I believe you can use it for all sorts of businesses :)

  5. Nyagoslav
    The tool looks very promising but as it was said in the earlier post having the ability to pick your city makes this a must have or a I don’t need it.

    I am in Orlando an NYC search will provide a five mile view but that’s it.

    I really like what you do your definitely a person who gets this local search..

    Thank you

  6. Features Update:

    - Custom Location Feature was added together with
    - Interactive HeatMap Reports on Organic and
    - Sponsored Results + Google Places Business Prospecting Tool

    Hope they will all meet your expectations

  7. Nyagoslav, I just wanted to let you know that we recently migrated to Our tool is about to undergo some changes, lots of new features are coming in and the name GeoRanker seems to be better suited for the program we’re developing. You might also want to know that we recently integrated a function, that enables our users to set auto-update parameters to each report.

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