ThriveCart vs SamCart: Which One Is The Best?

Confused between ThriveCart and SamCart? Check out this comprehensive comparison between ThriveCart vs. SamCart to know which will be best for you.

When we start an eCommerce store, we usually focus on the store’s design or marketing of our store more than anything. We usually neglect to use Shopping cart software to make selling easier for us. ThriveCart and SamCart are the two best options to sell digital products in an eCommerce store. 

These two are the most popular options for selling digital products. But choosing one of them is a tough choice. To make it easier, I have compared both software and brought you this comparison of ThriveCart vs. SamCart.

Let’s get into all the details.

Key Takeaways Between ThriveCart vs SamCart

Check out some of the key takeaways between ThriveCart and SamCart:

  • You can get lifetime access to ThriveCart with just a one-time payment, whereas SamCart offers monthly and yearly subscriptions.
  • With ThriveCart, you get access to some advanced such as link tracking, digital sales tax calculation, mobile payment options, and predicted sales. Samcart does not offer any of these features.
  • The number of templates in SamCart is higher than in ThriveCart.
  • With ThriveCart, you get a two-step cart option, whereas SamCart does not offer this feature.
  • You can try SamCart before purchasing with a free trial, whereas ThriveCart does not offer any free trial.
  • ThriveCart offers its users Google Pay and Apple Pay payment options, whereas SamCart does not support these payment methods.

ThriveCart vs SamCart: Overview

Let’s take a look at both of these platforms.


In the beginning, ThriveCart was designed to help you make sales funnels and highly convert cart pages, but now it has completely turned into a complete business solution. Now it is helping its clients to market their products & services, generate more sales, provide more research data & analytics, create unique landing pages, and so on.

ThriveCart vs SamCart - Overview

ThriveCart may not be the one-stop solution for your online business, but it is definitely a worthy investment. More than 183K entrepreneurs are using ThriveCart, and they have already sold over 11.5 million digital products. The transactions have reached over $1.7 billion. The best part about this platform is that you can purchase it for a lifetime with just a one-time payment.


SamCart was a sales funnel builder initially, but now it has turned into an efficient tool that allows you to create landing pages, marketing, provide templates, analytics, and so on. The only issue with this tool is that you can not get lifetime access to it like ThriveCart. You have to buy a monthly or yearly subscription to it.

  SamCart - Overview

It also provides eCommerce courses to its users. You can connect with other SamCart users on their Facebook community. They also provide top-notch customer support to their users.

How SamCart and ThriveCart can Help You in Your Business

Nowadays, running an online business is becoming a trend. People turn their offline business into online business as well because their online presence helps them in making more. Tools like ThriveCart and SamCart are helping them in achieving their goals. This is how SamCart and ThriveCart are helping you boost sales for your business. 

  • Upsells are the most important way to increase revenue, and both of these tools offer Upsells and downsells features.
  • Communication with your audience is the key to building trust, and these tools are helping you communicate with your audience effectively.
  • ThriveCart and SamCart offer excellent tools that make it easy for your audience to navigate on your website.
  • Both of these tools provide comprehensive data of your customers so that you can provide better support to them.
  • They also offer a split-testing tool that allows you to A/B test your campaigns to see which campaign will perform better in real-time.

Along with all these features, you also get features to sell your digital products, do marketing, provide coupons, create membership websites, receive feedback from your customers, and so on.

ThriveCart vs SamCart: Features Comparison

Let’s compare similar features of ThriveCart and SamCart in detail.

1. Bump Offers, Downsells & Upsells

Most eCommerce store owners use shopping cart software to increase revenue and provide the best value to the customers. Both SamCart and ThriveCart allow you to add order bumps so that the average order value can increase over time. You also get the option to create downsell pages to sell your cheaper products in case the customer cancels the order or leaves the cart without completing the order.

Thrivecart - Upsell

Both tools offer Upsell features where you can add specific products on different pages. It will help the customer add more products whenever they purchase a product. You can also run split tests to see which shopping cart offers a higher conversion rate.

  SamCart - Upsell

Verdict: Both of these tools are tied for this feature.

2. Payment Options

It is always good to offer more payment options to your customers because it will be easy for them to complete the order. Both ThriveCart and SamCart offer various payment options such as multiple payment plans, one-time payments, free trials, different pricing tiers, and pay for what you purchase.

Thrivecart -Payment

These tools also let you create coupon codes for your products, and you can also manage how and when they are getting applied. SamCart and ThriveCart both support different payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, and With SamCart, you get one more payment gateway: the Braintree payment processor.

These tools also support mobile payment options such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Verdict: Samcart is much better regarding payment processing and pricing plan options.

3. Templates & Design Editor

You can easily integrate SamCart or ThriveCart directly to your website whether you’re selling your products via a WordPress Blog or Shopify. You will get all the features of these tools. These tools offer a landing page builder that allows you to create standard checkout pages, landing pages plus checkout pages, and popup sales pages.

Thrivecart -Template

They also support a multi-step checkout process where you can collect your customer’s personal info and billing info on different pages. SamCart offers more checkout templates than ThriveCart. SamCart has a very intuitive design editor that allows you to create templates from scratch.

 Samcart -Template

Verdict: SamCart has a better design editor, and the number of templates is higher than ThriveCart’s.

4. Affiliate Management

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to increase your sales, and ThriveCart has a better Affiliate management tool than SamCart. Both of these tools have affiliate management centers where you can approve affiliates, send payments, monitor sales, manage customer returns, and set cookie durations.

ThriveCart offers more advanced settings than SamCart, such as you can set the affiliate percentage on different products and set eligible products for affiliate marketing. SamCart offers global affiliate settings where you can set one affiliate percentage for all of your products. If you want basic settings to manage affiliates, then SamCart is the right choice; otherwise, ThriveCart will be best for you.

Verdict: ThriveCart offers better affiliate management settings than SamCart.

5. Reporting

Both ThriveCart and SamCart allow you to check different analytics such as sales, average order value, checkout page views, affiliate performance, sales tax, orders & refunds, subscription revenue, and sales tax.

Thirvecart - Analytics

You also get to view data for all products and make a comparison of performance among the products.

 Samcart -Analytics

Verdict: Both of these tools are tied when it comes to reporting.

6. Integrations

It is always important to check the integrations of shopping cart software. Integrating third-party software with your shopping cart software enhances its capabilities. This software integrate really well with Klaviyo, AWeber, Drip, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, GetResponse, MailChimp, Kajabi, WordPress WooCommerce, MemberMouse, MemberPress, Shopify, and WishList.

Thirvecart - Integration

Verdict: ThriveCart and SamCart are tied when it comes to third-party integrations.

ThriveCart vs SamCart: Pricing Plans Comparison

Let’s compare the pricing plans of this software.

ThriveCart Pricing Plans

ThriveCart offers a lifetime account where you have to pay once to get lifetime access to this tool. The Lifetime account costs $495, and if you add the pro upgrade to it, then you only have to pay $690 once.

Thirvecart - Pricing

You get access to features like powerful affiliate center, JV contracts, subscription saver functionality, intelligent business projections, automatic sales tax calculation, custom domain name functionality, client usage rights, and advanced user management.

SamCart Pricing Plans

SamCart offers three different pricing plans, and these plans are:

 Samcart - Pricing

1. Launch Plan: The monthly pricing of the Launch plan is $54/mo, and the annual pricing is $49/mo. With this plan, you get all the core and standard features of SamCart. It only offers one admin user access.

2. Grow Plan: The pricing of the Grow plan is $114/mo or $99/mo annually. It offers all the features of the Launch plan and gives you three admin user access.

3. Scale Plan: The pricing of the Scale plan is $324/mo or $292/mo annually. It offers all the features of the Grow plan and gives you ten admin user access.

Verdict: ThriveCart is much more affordable than SamCart regarding pricing.

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Final Verdict: Which One Is Better?

So this is my comparison of ThriveCart vs. SamCart, and now the question arises: Which one is better?

In my opinion, ThriveCart offers the best value for money than SamCart. It offers a better affiliate management center and pricing than SamCart. Its affiliate tracking capabilities are far better than SamCart’s. Although SamCart has a better design editor and more templates than ThriveCart, it is also viable.

It all comes down to your requirements; if you think ThriveCart will be best, then you should go with ThriveCart, or if SamCart fulfills all your requirements, then you should choose SamCart. In the comment section below, let me know your thoughts on ThriveCart and SamCart.

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