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Our citation building service includes a comprehensive program for discovering and fixing existing, and creating new local citations. However, there are cases in which the information for a business is so scrambled that special attention has to be put to the already existing citations. In our practice we encounter a lot of cases, and based on this extensive experience we discovered that there are a few specific cases in which citations clean-up might be the most useful service:

1) Businesses that recently, or in the past, changed their business name (rebranded), moved to a new office, or changed their main business phone number

If you have done any of these in the past 1 week to 5 years, then the chances are high that you have a lot of mentions around the web that feature your outdated business information. If this is the case, then Google (and Bing) could easily get confused and auto-generate a second, duplicate business listing for your business in their business directory and this will subsequently lower the chances of your main listing to show up higher in the search results.

2) Lawyers, physicians, dentists, insurance, and real estate agencies and agents

If you are one of these types of businesses, then you might have already realized that your business information, and specifically your name (practice’s and practitioner’s), is not standardized across the web. Additionally, the chances are high that you might have been previously or are currently using the services of an online marketing company, which might have set up call tracking phone numbers for you. These two factors negatively affect the consistency of your business information in the online business data ecosystem and as a result lower your organic search rankings on both Google and Bing. If you believe your case fits in any of these two descriptions, then citations clean-up might very well be what you need.

Here is an outline of how our citations clean-up process goes:

1. We receive your business information (for each business/location if there are many).
2. We check the information for any mistakes such as misspellings or wrongly filled in information
3. After it is confirmed that everything is fine, we start with the initial citations research.
4. We allocate all the existing listings for the business(es).
5. We fix the incorrect ones (which might include email exchanges, phone calls, and others).
6. We send the final report with everything that has been done.

The whole process takes between 15 and 25 days, depending on the complications that might occur, which vary on case by case basis. The cost for our service is $50 (fixed fee that covers the citations research) + $3 per listing fixed or removed (in some cases there might be listings that would be ineditable, so the only option might be for them to be removed).

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