Sep 142012

I feel I have to dissolve a piece of serious misinformation. I am not part of OptiLocal‘s team anymore. Yes, I helped establish the company and I was part of the managerial team, but I am not anymore (for a few months now). I suppose one of the main reasons for this misunderstanding is the fact that when one searches for [nyagoslav] on, the first result that shows up is the homepage of OptiLocal.

It is also the second result for the same search on Bing:

I believe this is largely because a lot of comments, which I’ve previously written, contain my name as the anchor text and link to the homepage of OptiLocal. I am unable to update these myself as most blogs do not allow comment editing, but I am willing to provide a juicy link from my site to all blogs that update my comments with the correct link to

Additionally, as I’ve never publicly announced my resignation from OptiLocal, it might have left some of my regular followers puzzled. My blog, and all my older articles, are now located at, so if you still find my content useful, you could update your RSS and email subscriptions.

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