Sep 022011

There is a new bug with old shades on Google Places. The well-known “We currently do not support the location” status is back in action. Mike Blumenthal reported that there is a growing number of complaints on the Google Places Help forum with people having the problem. While I also noticed it a few days ago, I started recommending that minor changes on the Place page are being made, so that the listing would be “poked” and reappear actively. However, after getting some new information, I think this is not a good idea in this particular case.

Mike noted that user AusBiz has received the following email by Google:

Thank you for your patience during this entire process while working with
me. We have been working on a technical issue that has affected many
users. Unfortunately, it appears your listing has also been affected. This
probably happened because your listing has gone through recent information
edits and modifications. Have no fear however! We are aware of the
incorrect information you emailed about and are taking steps to fix it.

You should see the information appearing correctly within four weeks’
time. If, in four weeks, you are still experiencing this problem, please
respond to this email.

Thank you for your patience.

This means that the issue is known and the problem is not the regular glitch, that affects just a limited number of pages. It seems that if the listing is returned back to life, it loses all the reviews. Two users have reported that on the Places forum up to now:

1) Dr. Green here:

I made a few changes to the listing and just now it is showing back up, however, all my reviews are gone, there are zero reviews now, which is disappointing.

2) webmarketers here:

Problem.. we lost all our reviews.. lucky we only had 3 but still its annoying as we are greatful for any review we can get.

After seeing these comments, I think the case of this bug is pretty similar to the one from July, when people tried similar technique to return their listings to active status, but it resulted in complete loss of ranking.

My advice - stay calm and wait while Google is fixing the problem.

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