May 162012

The Social - Local - Mobile (SoLoMo) “trifecta” is undoubtedly the one a lot of small businesses should be betting on if they would want to market their business online successfully. I admit I have been focusing too much on the “perfecta” Local on my blog, and I’m planning to change this starting today.

Sebastian Socha shared with me a very intriguing infographic. It describes in a German children’s book style a story of an average day in an average town/neighborhood, and the marketing opportunities open to every SMB could grab in every particular moment. The situations described in pictures include:

- a local news app notifying about the closed highway

- voting in an online “Local Street Food Guide”

- pinning location on an online map when sending an SMS (or a voice mail)

- using a mobile app to find and call for taxi while in emergency mode

- booking flights “on the go”

- finding reputable and affordable hotels (again in an emergency situation) based on online reviews

- redeeming coupons, found on social media (Google Plus), at the local cafe

- finding information about local events on social media (Twitter)

- using QR code scanning to get discounts for local events

- finding detailed information (best value for money, best rating, nearest) about local shopping based on online guides

I really enjoyed this infographic as it provides much more than just the situations I described above. It goes beyond that and makes the whole story complete by adding random, funny images such as the one of a dog marking its territory, an apparently drunk person reaching for their beer, a squirrel falling from the tree, an angry banana, and a great drawing of Celine Dion. Enjoy!

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  1. Only thing that would make the infographic better would be if the dog was marking his territory on Celine Dion while falling from a banana tree because he was reaching for a beer.

    Thanks for sharing Nyagaslov. The marketing opps for smbs truly are countless and I have a feeling we’re just getting started (like the bottom left of the infographic. Is that a snail and slug or a homeless snail looking to move in?) ;-)

    • Hey Scott,

      I agree with you on what would make the infographic better :) And the opportunities are truly countless. The things that aren’t, however, are the SMBs’ resources (both human and money).

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