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Here comes the time to complete a promise I gave a while ago. In the article “Local Citation Building Study Part 4: Local Business Directories Around the World (Canada and the UK)” from June 19 this year I claimed that I was going to be delivering a two-part piece related to the most important business directories and citation sources in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand. The first part covered Canada and the UK, and the time finally came for the second part. Without any further blabbering, here are the top citation sources for Australia, Germany, and New Zealand:

1. Local Citation Sources for Australia

I used a number of great sources for this part of the citation sources study:

The Guide to Australian Citations for Local Search (by David Mihm)

The Definitive List of Local Search Citations - Australia Citation Sites (by Phil Rozek)

Local Google Places Citations – Australian (by Robert Steers)

Citation Sources for Google+ Local in Australia (by Local Lead)

Top 10 Local Citations Every Australian Business Should Have (Lyka Winnett)

And here is the list of the best business directories for Australia: - similarly to the case with Canada, Yellowpages is probably the strongest business data player in the market (excluding Google, of course). It provides business information to both Google and Bing. - a very close competitor to Yellowpages, it is not only one of the most detailed business directories in Australia, but also provides business data for the Yahoo Local’s equivalent in Australia.

2. Local Citation Sources for Germany

There are very few lists of business directories for Germany, but fortunately all that exist are very robust. These are:

Branchenbuch Liste für den Citation Aufbau (by Another Vision)

Webkatalog-Webverzeichnis-Branchenbuch Liste (by Deutscher Webkatalog)

Branchenbuch - die bekanntesten und größten Branchenbücher (by Deutscher Webkatalog)

Branchenbuch Eintrag (by Eisy)

And here is the list itself: - this is the equivalent of in Germany. It has arguably the largest business information database in the country as it sources data both from the national telecommunications provider (Deutsche Telekom) and with local and industry-specific websites. - the site is part of the international network of Opendi, which has yellow pages and white pages sites in 29 countries with data for an overall of 25 million entities. - while this is not one of the top 3 largest business directories in Germany, I’d feature it mostly because of the magnificent blog, dedicated to local search, which the site supports. - and its partner

3. Local Citation Sources for New Zealand

As you could predict, the list here would not be as long as the previous ones. The information sources are also scarce, and they run out with:

List Of The Best Free New Zealand Business Directories Online (by Sheldon Nesdale)

NZ Online Directories: List Of ALL the Free Online New Zealand Business Directories (by Sheldon Nesdale)

That is why some of the websites mentioned below come from my personal research work and are not based on any third-party source. Here they are: - this is by far the most important business directory in New Zealand. They are an official partner of Google, and similarly to in Canada and in Australia the remark “Business listings provided by Finda™” shows up under some search results via - the second most important site in the country of the Kiwis. It is the of New Zealand.

Bonus: Best Business Directories and Citation Sources in Other Countries

In order to show that I am actually a cool guy (surprising I know), I add lists with the top 5 business directories for Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, and South Africa.

1) Local Citation Sources in Ireland:

2) Local Citation Sources in Spain:

3) Local Citation Sources in the Netherlands:

4) Local Citation Sources in South Africa:

Final Words

As you might have noticed sometimes the top directories in different countries are either the same, or under the same company. The most prominent cases are:

- - offers free and paid listings for businesses from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia (I’ve previously praised Manta here). Additionally, they provide detailed business data for practically every country in the world, so it might not be too far until they open their listings program to everyone.

- - simiarly to Manta, they offer business data for every country in the world, but they also allow all listings to be claimed and edited.

- HotFrog - the network operates in 38 countries, hosting over 69 million business listings (source)

- Opendi - the network operates in 29 countries, and hosts 25 million listings (source)

- Cylex - the company has “over 30 online business directories… reaching out to 5 continents” (source)

- Yelp - one of the most popular business websites in the United States, it has overall 17 international branches, including the recently added

- Yalwa - the company operates websites in 38 countries around the world (source)

It is very possible that at least some of these are available in your country, too (in case it is not covered by some of my articles).

I am always looking for ways to improve these lists, so if you have any ideas I’d be happy to hear them either in the comments section or via email at

*Note: Our Citation Building Guide features more information, tips, and tactics on how to do local citation building.

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  1. Fantastic work, Nyagoslav! Pretty safe to say you’ve covered all the bases…

    YellowPages (or its equivalent / sister site in a given country) seems almost universally important. I’m always surprised when I see it at the top of studies like the one you’ve done here and the one David Mihm and Darren Shaw did; I haven’t figured out exactly why it seems so influential. It consistently ranks so high organically in Google, but that also raises the question of why. Maybe because it’s just been around so long.

    Haven’t had clients in 5 of the 7 countries you list - but when I do, referring to this post will be step 1.

    Again, great job!

    • Thanks, Phil! I’ve had the chance of having at least one client in each of the countries I featured (actually that’s the main reason why I included them). I’m always happy to discover new regions of the world in terms of SEO, the same way I like exploring a new industry.

      I tend to believe that one of the main reasons for the high organic search rankings of the Yellow Pages equivalents around the world is the serious branding around those sites. As we know, this is what Google cares (arguably) the most about. and in particular, are direct partners of Google in the respective countries, so this might be the main reason why they top each research of this sort.

      • All 7, huh? Dang. I think you need a globe map on this site, with a little map pin in each country where you’ve had a client. I imagine that would look like the candles on an eighty-year-old’s birthday cake!

        I see what you mean about YP. It’s interesting to think about the level of trust Google places in YP when one also considers all the inaccurate info that tends to be found there (I believe Greg Sterling did a piece on this a while ago). Definitely a base that business owners need to cover, no matter what.

        Thanks again for the awesome list!

  2. Thanks for this list. I have tons of Australian clients and this will come in handy.

    I just have 1 comment: Merchant Circle stopped their Aussie services recently, now it’s controlled by a spammy looking insurance blog.

  3. Hello,

    Fingers crossed that you’ll do this for France (where I’m located) one day.


  4. Thanks Nyagoslav! Great list of citation sources for Germany. Some I didn’t know until now and I’m from Germany :)


  5. Great list! WOuld you please consider adding this new online business directory - - it features a free local google citation via API. It’s currently in open beta and any support would be greatly appreciated - a tweet, facebook share or if you’re feeling really generous; a blog post :)


  6. Bravo and thanks for that post. As owner of e-tourism local business in Thailand I need more local citation sources who are covering countries like our. Please keep going listing directories where we can get local citations. Thanks again.

  7. Very interesting list. We hope we find soon suggestions for Local Search in Italy.
    Thank you very much for your work.

    These sites are also for australia

  9. Extremely handy article - I thought I was across all of the good ones here in Australia, but you’ve brought a few new ones to my attentions. Cheers mate! :)

    • Thanks, Dave. Happy to hear you found this one useful. There will be some additional information on Australia coming as a bonus to my Citation Building Guide, too.

  10. Hi Zhekov,

    I really thought that your list was great to have such good Local Listing list but I came to see many of them has Bad Neighbor. So do you think it is helpful if we continue to work with this kind of sites. And many of them has very low Domain Authority.

    Kindly Advise.


  11. Thanks for the great list!! If you run a virtual site (not address specific) what do you recommend?


  12. Wow! Really great collection of local citation websites. Thank for sharing.

  13. Finaly i found some interesting information about international citations… a bit late but…

    My concern is that my business lies in Spain / Ibiza but my potential customers because it is a tourism business dedicated to the vacation rentals are English speaking so do not use the Spanish language to find me … I registered directories like yelp, hotfrog, browbook, europages, foursquare, wowcity that are international as automatically they reproduce all extensions of all countries ie,, etc … usually I write the entire information in English but I’m not sure it is positive to reproduce many of the same content by multiplying

    I will like to know if im in the rigth way because even i have more citations than all my competitors they rank better and i dont know what im doing wrong?… which is the best practice in this situation?

    Thank a lot for the post!!

  14. Excellent list. Can you provide us Switzerland based business listing sites?

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