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Citation Building for Local SEO “Local citations” are mentions of a business on a webpage. These mentions could include any of the following pairs of data:

  • Business Name + Address
  • Business Name + Phone Number
  • Address + Phone Number

Search engines, such as Google and Bing, use citations as an important factor when determining how to rank businesses for particular search term (such as “Bankruptcy Lawyers in Chicago” for instance).

Order Citation Building for Your Business

Citation building” is the process of creating local citations for a business. It might be classified also as “local directory submission,” although what we strive to do at NGS Marketing is provide much more than that. Our process includes the following steps:

1. Initial research - after we receive your business information (using this form), we make a thorough research to find out where your business already appears or where it is already listed. We use a set of the best local SEO tools to help us in that task.

2. N.A.P. consistency check-up - after we find all the places where your business is registered online, we make a check-up to see if your business name, address, and phone number (N.A.P.) are consistent across the board. If we find differences, we fix them as part of the citation building service.

3. Niche research - before we actually start creating new citations, we research the local market to find which are the most important business directories for your particular niche. We do not work with pre-compiled lists of sites (unless expressly demanded). Therefore, the citation building process is specifically tailored for your own business’ needs thus securing the optimal possible results.

4. Actual citation building - after everything is ready, we start working on the actual citation building. All the work is manually completed by our in-house team and no automation is involved in the process, neither do we outsource any part of it.

5. Completion and reporting - when the local citation building is over we compile a report for you, which includes detailed information on the job that has been done. You can download the template report form here.

6. Ongoing monitoring - some local directories manually moderate which listings will be accepted and when. While the acceptance rate is generally very high, it takes time for them to review each submission. In some cases this time might be anything from 2-3 weeks (Citysearch) to 40-50 days (Yahoo! Local). Unfortunately, many of these directories do not notify when a listing is accepted. Thus, we use third-party tools to monitor when this happens. We offer this service as an add-on at the rate of US$50 (one-time fee).

The rate for our citation building service includes a flat fee of just US$50 (which covers the extensive initial research) + US$3 per citation. Therefore, if you purchase 60 citations (for example) the overall price will be US$230 (please, note that we currently do not accept projects larger than 100 citations).

For more information and answers, please, visit the FAQ page.

Advantages of our local citation building service:

- Personalized method of local citation building, tailored to the specific needs of each particular business

- 100% completed listings, including pictures, videos, descriptions, working hours, payment options, brands carried, number of employees, social media profiles and many others*

- Detailed reporting, log in information and current status for each listing, as well as direct links to the live listings, date of submission, type of listing, additional details

- Cost-savvy in comparison to other services, perfect for both SMBs, and businesses with multiple offices alike

*Note: we can complete the listings 100% only if you provide us all the information requested.

Order Citation Building for Your Business

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