Citation Building for Local SEO FAQ


1. Which business directories are included in your citation building service?

The business directories included in our service vary depending on the country, state, and city in which your business is located, the industry in which you are competing, and your local citations profile prior to starting our work. We do not work with a pre-compiled list of websites, because this has proven to not be a useful way of doing high quality local citation building.

2. What if my business is already listed on some websites?

We do a thorough research prior to starting every project so that we can make sure no duplication is done. Additionally, we make sure to include all pre-existing local citations we find during our research in the final report that we send to you.

3. How do you understand if I am listed on any of these directories?

We use the best tools in the local SEO industry, including, Whitespark, BrightLocal, SweetIQ, and others. As these return automated information, which is often times not completely accurate, everything is being double checked and verified manually.

4. How do you choose which local business directories to list me in?

We use a number of factors when determining which websites would best match your business. These include: how many of your competitors are listed on a particular business directory, how important a directory is for your niche/location, how authoritative a directory is, if the directory allows do-follow links to your website, and others. We make sure that we always choose the best possible local business directories for your specific business needs.

5. Will you claim and update my business listings for me?

Yes! During our research process we locate all your listings on any local business directory. If your listings are not claimed, incomplete, or consist of incorrect/outdated information, we will fix them for you as part of our local citation building service.

6. How long does the overall process take?

We will submit your business information and send you a report within 15 days or less (we strive to lower this to within 5 business days) after the payment receipt. However, some of the directories have a review process for each submission that might take up to 40 days (Yahoo! Local and MapQuest, for example). Most of the listings will appear live instantly, or within 2-3 days. The ones that are still not live will be clearly marked as under “Review”.

7. When will I see an increase in my local search rankings?

Citation building is just one of the many techniques of local SEO. That is why it very much depends on your other assets, such as the strength of your website, for instance. If you are interested in significantly improving your local search rankings and the traffic to your site you might consider our holistic local SEO service.

8. How do you claim the listings?

Most of the listings require simple email verification. There are a few that require phone verification, or postcard verification (these will be clearly marked in purple color in our report). We will arrange an appropriate time for you to verify these, as the verification codes are going to be sent to your business phone/mail box. The whole process normally takes less than 15 minutes for all the websites together.

9. What will the report include?

Final reports include detailed information about the sites where the business information has been submitted, log in information, links to live listings, and additional comments (these might be specifying what has been done on a pre-existing listing, how long it will take for a listing that is under review to get live, etc). You can download an example report from here.

10. What countries is your service available for?

We currently offer local citation building for the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and we are planning to start offering it for Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, and France.

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