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In the past 3 parts of the Local Citation Building Study I’ve been focusing predominantly on the local business directories catering to the US market. The United States are definitely not the world. There are a number of other countries with very interesting and complicated local search ecosystems. As I cannot cover every country in the world, I chose a few which I think would be of particular interest to my readers: Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. I will divide the study into two parts from usability point of view.


The methodology I used is very similar to the one I used in my second research - I counted how often particular directory has been mentioned in authoritative lists from around the web. The number of such lists is, of course, much lower than the one for the US business listings, so I also included the additional factor of my experience and observations, as in some cases the fluctuations were too obvious. Thus, I will not provide the “score” for each directory, as I did previously, because this is not the only factor in play. Again, as with the second research, I excluded all websites that do not allow free listings to be added, or do not allow direct business data entry at all.

Local Citation Sources for Canada

I used the following authoritative lists of business directories when doing the research for Canada:

The Guide to Canadian Citations for Local Search (by David Mihm)

DIY Canadian Citations: Our 2011 Update! (by Jim Ruddnick)

A Canadian Guide to Google Local Business Citations (by Martin Wong)

Canadian Guide to Local Citations – Updated (by Shagun Vatsa)

Best of the Best of Canadian Citations - Canada Business Directory (by Search Influence)

Google Maps: Citations, Reviews, & User Content (by Matthew Hunt)

I was also thinking of using Dev Basu’s Canadian Guide to Local SEO Citations, but it is more oriented towards niche business directories in the hotel and restaurant industries.

And here are the citation sources in order of importance (plus some comments from me on some of them):

YellowPages.ca - This is THE most important directory in Canada. YellowPages has a large network of websites to which they distribute business data, which includes many of the below mentioned websites. Additionally, they are official business data provider for Google.

411.ca - Part of the network of Yellow Pages Group.

CanPages.ca - Also part of the network of Yellow Pages Group.

Yelp.ca - Canadian version of Yelp.com


WebLocal.ca - The Canadian “sister” of Yellowbot.com.








BrownBook.net - This one, together with YellowPages.ca and Yelp.ca are part of the Canadian version of GetListed.org’s LocalDashboard.










As this list is pretty short, I add a few more, which I consider worth mentioning:

Manta.com - In the third part of the Local Citation Building Study, I discussed on how Manta is probably one of the most important local citation sources. It is available in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.



SeekItLocal.com - Yes, they do allow listings for Canadian businesses.

Industry Canada (IC.GC.ca) - This is the official website of the Ministry of Industry in Canada. And you can add a listing there. They also have a great list of other business directories specific for particular industries.


And in case you haven’t done it already, do check David Mihm’s Local Search Ecosystem infographic for Canada (data is provided by Darren Shaw and Jim Ruddnick).

Local Citation Sources for the UK

Lists of business directories for the UK are generally longer and more comprehensive than the ones for Canada. Here are the ones I used in my research:

Top UK Local-Business Directories (AKA Citation Sources) (by Phil Rozek)

Top 10 local UK business directories compared & rated (by Myles Anderson)

Online Business Directories in 2011 (by Cylex)

The Guide to UK Citations for Local Search (by David Mihm)

Top 50 Citation Sources For UK & US Local Businesses (by Bright Local)

Local SEO: 20 Authority Citation Places (by SEO Doctor)

I assigned two points to all business directories mentioned in Myles Anderson’s post, and two points to each bold directory in Phil Rozek’s list. Here is the result:

Yell.com - Pretty much the equivalent of YellowPages.com for the United Kingdom. Yellowbook.com is part of its network.

Qype.co.uk - This is arguably the most important business reviews website for all the Europe, and these get very fast picked by Google and attached to the Google+ Local listings as “Reviews from around the web.”

Yelp.co.uk - UK’s version of Yelp.com

ThomsonLocal.com - They have a large network of websites and are very major data provider for Google.co.uk

TouchLocal.co.uk - Similar to Thomsonlocal.com



FreeIndex.co.uk - A very authoritative site in the UK. Businesses get significant amount of leads via it, and the reviews there are considered very trustworthy.




Scoot.co.uk - The site is part of the TouchLocal network.



LocalDataCompany.com - Business data provider for Google, Facebook, Yell, Qype, ThomsonLocal, TouchLocal, and many others.






192.com - This is a website that primarily collects data from many other websites and directories. To add information to it, you need to go to my118information.co.uk.






InfoServe.co.uk - This is the data provider for Yahoo! Local in the UK, as well as for City-Visitor








Some great business directories that could be added to this list include:


MyLocalServices.co.uk - This is actually one of my favourite UK local business directories.


*Note: Our Citation Building Guide features more information, tips, and tactics on how to do local citation building.

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  1. Hey Nyagoslav,

    Yet another brilliant piece of work! I like how you went about ranking the sites’ relative importance.

    You did something in your UK citation sites list that I didn’t do in mine: specify which sites qualify as data-providers. A lament I’ve heard from a few people in the UK goes something like “Data-providers don’t play the same role over here that they do in the US.” Methinks you could do a really cool post about data-providers in countries other than the US. Even if it’s just a who’s-who list and not much more, at least people will know what sites to focus on.

    Just a thought, FWIW. I mention it because obviously you’re in the citations groove, although I’m thinking hard about doing a post on international data-providers.

    Again, great stuff – thanks for posting.

    • Thanks, Phil, for the great comment and suggestion!

      The problem with international data providers is that they are not really very clearly obvious in the majority of the cases. There are just a few versions of maps.Google… that provide references such as in the .ca case with YellowPages.ca. I’d be glad to help you with whatever info I have if you decide to go on and write such a post, though :)

      • Thanks, Nyagoslav! I might just take you up on that. Of course, finding the hard-to-find data-providers is the fun part :)

        P.S. Your “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” option seems not to be working - and hasn’t seemed to for the last few posts. Just FYI!

        • Ouch, I will look into this. Thanks for notifying me, Phil! I was actually expecting something like this, because I get quite a lot of “start of discussion” types of comments, which just stop there…

  2. A great list of UK citation sources. Incredibly useful. Thanks.

  3. Nice work Nyagoslav. This is a great list of all the major citation sites here in the UK.

    As Phil says, it would be interesting to compile a table of which sites get their data from which providers. For example, Scoot is part of TouchLocal and also provides data for a couple of national newspaper directories.

  4. Oh, btw, two quick notes on a couple of the UK sites:

    -TrustedPlaces.com forwards to Yell.com

    -TrueKnowledge.com has been renamed to Evi.com and also forwards to the latter

    • Thanks for the notes, Phil! At the time I was compiling the list these were working well, I believe. I think with the changes that are happening in the local space many of the posts will be getting outdated as soon as they are posted… :-(

  5. Niche Business directories are more important now and it is good if we could get some useful stuff from Basu’s guide to local citations.

  6. Thanks Nyagoslav for giving us a chance to take advantages of your excellent work on local promotion. And finally i have observed and learned everything about Local Citation and how we can get this job done properly in order to be TOP on local markets to lead our online businesses!

  7. wow very nice list thanks for the list for Canada……

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