Elementor Free vs Pro: Which One To Choose?

On the verge of choosing Elementor free vs Elementor Pro version? If you’re on a budget, the choice rather seems clear. But if you really want to make a fantastic website on WordPress, then you will want to check out the Pro version as well. We brought you this comparison of Elementor Free Vs. Elementor Pro, so you can make a choice. Read further to find out what these versions offer.

Elementor Free Version

The Elementor lite version is free of cost, and you can download it for your website directly from WordPress.org or go to the official website. The features of the free version are limited, but still, there are a lot of things you can do with the free version. Even with the lite version, you can create unique websites without having the knowledge of coding.

Elementor Free- Features

Let’s take a look at the features of the free version.

Template Library

The lite version offers more than 100 premade templates that you can use on your website. These templates are really unique, and the template library also has different blocks which you can add directly to your website.

Elementor Free vs Elementor Pro - Template

Free Widgets

There are more than 30 widgets available on the lite version. All you need to do is just drag and drop it on your website. The best part about it is that they constantly add new widgets, even in the free version.

Elementor Free Widget

Some of the free widgets are Inner Section, Image Box, Accordion, Heading, Icon Box, Toggle, Image, Star Rating, Social Icons, Text Editor, Image Gallery, HTML, Menu Anchor, Sidebar, and many more.

Elementor Canvas

With Elementor Canvas, you can remove the page’s header, sides, and footer elements. Now you have an empty page ready to be designed from the very start. You can create pages or landing pages for your website with the canvas layout. If you don’t want to remove the header and footer of a page, then you can use a full-width layout that only removes the sides of a page.

Responsive Editing

You want your page to be designed in such a way that it fits on every device really well. For that, Elementor offers a responsive editing feature that allows you to design your page according to a PC, Tab, and Mobile. All you need to do is switch the layout from the editor and make your page responsive to any device. With the editor, you can make live changes to the page.

RTL And Translation Ready

Elementor supports RTL and LTR languages. It is a multilingual platform with over 23 languages for translation. This feature allows you to activate the translation feature on your website. Your visitors can see your pages in their language.

Background Options

Don’t like the background of a page, then customize the background of a page with Elementor in any way you want. You can also change the background of a post or page to gradient style. It also lets you add videos in the background.

Elementor Pro Version

The Pro version of Elementor offers more premium features and adds more widgets, blocks, and templates to the free version. Most of the features remain the same; you only add a few add-ons to Elementor free version. The Pro version is filled with some fantastic templates that allow you to design websites more professionally than ever.

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Elementor Pro Features

Elementor Pro offers a variety of features, so let’s take a look at most of them.

Post Builder

The Theme Builder of Elementor Pro allows you to design a single post template from the very start. You don’t need coding to design your blog posts. You can use these single post custom templates for review posts, blog posts, and product posts. You can also use dynamic widgets to build a blog post template. 

Header Footer Builder

Now create and control the header and footer of your website with Elementor Pro’s header footer builder. It gives you a lot of flexibility with a sticky header and more than 25 new header footer blocks. These blocks are perfectly compatible with any WordPress theme. 

Elementor Pro - Header Footer

To edit your website’s header or footer, just go to the templates and then Theme Builder on your WordPress dashboard. There are many premade headers and footers available; you can either use one of them or create one from the start.

Popup Builder

With the Popup Builder feature of Elementor Pro, you can design a popup within just a few clicks. These popup forms can be announcement forms, lead capture forms, ad banners, subscription forms, exit-intent forms, and so on.

Elementor Pro - Pop Builder

It has many templates for popup forms that you can directly use to create a popup form for your website. Use the features of popup builder to show popup forms in different places or when someone performs a specific action on a page.

WooCommerce Store Builder

With the WooCommerce Store builder, you can change the complete outlook of your online store. It allows you visually create single product pages, other store pages, and archive store pages. You can use these widgets to add to your store like breadcrumbs, upsells, product rating, add to cart button, product description & title, product price, and product stock.

Elementor Pro - WooCommerce Builder


Now integrate your favorite CRM and marketing tools to your website using Elementor Pro. You can integrate HubSpot, ConvertKit, LearnDash, AWeber, Zapier, Sendinblue, Google Maps, Facebook SDK, WooCommerce, Tutor LMS, Active Campaign, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and so on.

Elementor Pro - Integration

Motion Effects and Mouse Effects

Elementor Pro offers different mouse effects and motion effects. Some of these effects are Rotate, 3D Tilt, Scale, Blur, Transparency, Horizontal Scroll, Parallax Effect, and so on. You don’t need to know any coding to apply these effects to your website.

Elementor Pro Pricing

The pricing plans of Elementor Pro are very flexible and affordable. If it fits your budget, you should definitely go with Elementor Pro because of its unique features. It offers five different pricing plans, and these plans are as follows:

Elementor Pro - Pricing

1. Essential Plan: You only need to pay $49/year for the Essential Plan, and you get to use Elementor Pro for one website.

2. Advanced Plan: To purchase the Advanced plan, you need to pay $99/year. This plan allows you to use Elementor Pro on three websites.

3. Expert Plan: The Expert plan has a $199/year pricing. You get to use Elementor Pro on 25 websites.

4. Studio Plan: The Studio plan has a $499/year pricing. You can use the features of Elementor Pro on up to 100 websites.

5. Agency Plan: To use Elementor Pro on 1000 websites, you need to pay $999/year for the Agency Plan.

Final Verdict: Elementor free vs Pro

Now the ultimate question arises: “Should You Use Elementor Free Or Pro?”

The answer to that question has never been more straightforward because it all comes down to your requirements and budget. If you don’t have the money to pay for the premium features of Elementor, then Elementor Free version will be best for you. It gives you all the required features to completely design a website from scratch.

But if you want to give your websites a more professional look, then you should upgrade to Elementor Pro because it offers more features than the free version. Let me know your thoughts on this Elementor Free Vs. Pro comparison in the comment section below.

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