ClickFunnels Review: The Ultimate Funnel Builder

Kudos, you’re on the right spot reading my NO Bu*****t — ClickFunnels Review

Literally, when I had to get started with ClickFunnels back in 2019, I hopped down the keyword on Google. And guess what everyone was saying — JUST Purchase ClickFunnels. So I was like, dude there are no cons associated with ClickFunnels. 

So I decided, why not share my 11 months’ experience with this ultimate sales funnel builder. 

No beating around the bush, here in this post, I have done my in-depth ClickFunnels reviews that includes all detailed insights into ClickFunnels— ease of use, pricing, building a sales funnel, and so on. 

What’s more, I have attached ClickFunnels Case Studies to help hear out the ClickFunnels lovers. 

Well, by the end of the article, you will get to know whether to choose ClickFunnels or not. 

PS: Why don’t you grab ClickFunnels 14 Days Free Trial — No Harm Taking Free Stuff 🙂

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a robust marketing funnel builder. 

Well, if you google the keyword “ClickFunnels,” you will get this tagline — “ClickFunnels — Marketing Funnels Made Easy.”

clickfunnels Review - Overview

And yes, ClickFunnels live up to the HYPE. (Speaking from my experience of using it for like 11 months driving four figures in sales..)

If you’re new, who doesn’t know what sales funnels are — I would put it something like this. Let’s say if you have an online venture and you want to grow your sales and revenue. ClickFunnels helps you create sales funnels (a well-defined process) to help you convert visitors into leads and then leads into customers.

Add To email List

Still, if this hasn’t ring any bells, check the Russell Brownson (CEO of ClickFunnels) explaining the sales funnel.  

Well, if he convinces you, give ClickFunnels a try. Yes, ClickFunnels offers a 14 days free trial (that wouldn’t cost any harm to your pocket 🙂PS: Even I get started with the free trial in the first place. 

This product ClickFunnels was created back in 2014 by marketing ninja Russel Brunson. 

ClickFunnels was created for online marketers who aren’t that tech-savvy. This easy-to-use funnel builder helps build stunning pages inside a sales funnel and helps us to automate the whole process.  

I’m sure, like me, you would always want to pour customers and revenue into your online venture.

ClickFunnels exactly does the same— it helps you convert visitors into leads and then lead to potential paying customers. 

The best part, ClickFunnels comes with ready-to-use templates (landing pages) for beginners to get started right away without getting involved in any complex process. 

I would say that’s convincing enough. 

Let’s come to the point. 

You wanna know how exactly ClickFunnels can help me. Well, for that, we need to know — Whom ClickFunnels suits the best? 

Get ClickFunnels 14 Days Free Trial

How can ClickFunnels help you? 

If you’re not sure how ClickFunnels can help you grow your company or online venture, we have got your back. 

The answer is simple, ClickFunnels is built for anyone who wants more sales and conversion rolling in. 

Smart sales Funnels

My Example — For me, I’m a marketer, and I aim to generate leads and turn my leads into potential paying customers through email marketing. And guess what ClickFunnels made every step straightforward. 

PS: You might need a different way to use ClickFunnels as we all know, “there are many ways to skin a cat.” 

What you can do with ClickFunnels (My Experience)

As per my experience with ClickFunnels, there are various possibilities. 

Some of the pretty basic things to do with ClickFunnels are

  • Creating sales funnels 
  • Creating landing pages
  • Creating Webinars
  • Creating membership websites
  • Creating sales pages and regular websites

Yeah, you can do all of this with the help of coding; however, ClickFunnels make the prices easy and convenient for you. 

With ClickFunnels, you will build sales funnels and website with

  • Easy drag and drop interface
  • Intuitive visual editor
  • Pre-built ready to use templates for funnels
  • Variety of integration with tools 
  • It offers a plethora of tutorials to help you kickstart. 
Add TO Cart

What’s more, ClickFunnels also branch out to some cool marketing and sales automation tools such as

  • Marketing and sales analytics and report
  • Affiliate programs to generate more sales and revenue
  • Generating leads — leads the collection, management, and automation
  • Follow-up automation with the help of — email, messenger, and text. 
  • Converting a shopping cart that helps you upsell your customer with just a single click. 

Well, I would say, with ClickFunnels, you can easily automate almost every of your marketing and sales processes. 

I was amazed when I was building a sales page with ClickFunnels; there were plenty of ready-to-use templates to choose from. This enabled me to get done the sales page real quickly and easily. 

Various Templates That Come with ClickFunnels:

  • Sales funnel templates for freelancer
  • Sales funnel templates for agencies 
  • Sales funnel templates for eCommerce store owners.

PS: That’s not it; there are tons of other templates to get started. 

My Verdict: I would say, ClickFunnels is designed to help you create a streamlined sales process. This way it helps to convert visitors into leads, and then leads into potential paying customers gradually with each step of the sales funnel. And that’s the power of a sales funnel. 

Why Blending Marketing & Sales Funnels A Good IDEA?

If you’re a business owner looking for different easy-to-sell online, most internet gurus will recommend you to get started with — sales/ marketing funnels. 

As per my understanding, sales funnels are visual representations (a roadmap) of your customer purchasing journey. The sales funnels include everything (step by step modules) from marketing materials to leads — a sales funnel has everything until a visitor becomes your potential paying customer. 

If you’re a marketer, you know it well; new visitors rarely purchase when they first land on a website. Instead, they need to be guided on every part of their buying journey; that’s where ClickFunnels comes in handy — building a streamlined sales process. 

This is where sales funnels help you sell more by understanding each part of your customer’s journey. So the questions are:

  • Where your customer hangs out online — the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • How customers found your website, and how they reached it for the first time?
  • What makes your customer convinced that your service or product is worth their try and MONEY?
  • What makes your customer make the final buying decision?

Well, the most critical question you should ask yourself “How can you convince your customers/leads to buy from you?”

This is where sales funnels tools like ClickFunnels come in handy. With the help of a sales funnel builder, you can quickly answer all these questions. 

Sales funnels help you to convert more prospects into customers and help them in every part of their buying journey through a well-defined sales funnel. 

That’s why marketing ninja say— sales funnels are a well-defined selling system.

Well, now you have an idea of what sales funnels are and how they can help you. Let’s get to know what makes ClickFunnels stand apart from the rest. 

How Sales Funnel Builder Like ClickFunnels helps you SUCCEED.

With the ClickFunnels, there are five funnel stages. These stages are listed below as follows:

Awareness Stage: This is the awareness stage; customers are becoming aware of your product. Let’s say someone has landed on your website or pages you built. 

Discovery Stage: In this stage, the visitor has gone through your website posts/pages. To collect information from them, you need to create landing pages and even ask them to join your newsletter or add a lead magnet to capture the lead. 

Evaluation Stage: Now it’s when your leads want to know whether your product/service is worth their time and money. Once you collect their emails as lead, you can easily set-up an automated email drip campaign to educate them. 

Purchase Stage: Once your leads go through your various emails, you have built trust with the lead and are ready to make the purchase. This is where your leads will become your potential paying customer. 

Loyalty Stage: A sales funnel builder like ClickFunnels enables you to upsell your customers and help them understand their shopping journey and patterns. Let’s say, if a customer abandoned a cart after adding the products, you could send them discount offers to convert them easily. 

Now you have a detailed idea of sales funnels and the buyer journey. Also, you might be able to understand how tools like ClickFunnels can be handy in such cases. 

All ClickFunnels Features Explained & REVIEWED

For a beginner, I would say ClickFunnels have got a plethora of features. 

However, I would say, as per my experience of 17 months with ClickFunnels — the interface is beginner-friendly and well suited to beginners and pros. 

Here I’ll review the most popular key features of ClickFunnels. 

Drag & Drop Etison Editor (Intuitive & Snappy)

Yes, ClickFunnels comes with a drag and drop Etison editor that enables you to drop elements while building pages and sales funnels easily.

With the help of the drag and drop editor of ClickFunnels, you can easily create — landing pages, sales funnels, or whatever you wish to design. 

Most of the funnel builders don’t come with a drag and drop functionality. 

Well, while creating a sales page, I was able to drag and drop section columns to the page. I could also add or remove various elements such as CTA buttons, Videos, tables, etc. 

Drag And Drop

Also, you will get to use various elements such as :

  • Membership Content element
  • Pricing tables element 
  • Two-step order forms elements 
  • Affiliate funnel structures elements
  • Webinar registration element
Webinar Registration Element

You can easily use all of these elements while using ClickFunnels. All you need to do is drag and drop the elements. What’s more, if you how to code, you can easily add custom CSS code. 

Custom CSS

Ready to Use Funnel Templates

While navigating through the sales funnels library, I found around 20+ funnel templates ready to use

Funnels Template

What’s more, there are other templates available as well; you can easily filter out the templates. You can use various filters such as — industry, funnel types, and your end goals. 

Funnels Types

For example, you can also find various complex pages such as:

  • Upsell Funnel Templates:  This funnel enables you to sell more to your existing content. With the upsell funnel, you can sell your expensive products. 
Upsell Template
  • Cancellation Funnel Templates: If your leads abandon their shopping cart, they can easily use this template to trigger a survey to save the PURCHASE easily. 
  • Squeeze Pages Funnel Templates: This kind of funnel helps you collect visitors’ email addresses. 

Verdict: ClickFunnels offers various ready-to-use funnel templates. You choose one, customize it, and you’re ready to go. You can easily customize the look and feel of any template you choose. 

Mobile Optimization (Helps You Make the Funnels Mobile Device Ready)

This feature enables you to optimize your funnels for mobile devices. 

All the pages and funnels you create with ClickFunnels are optimized. However, you can adjust the design for mobile devices as well. 

Mobile Optimization

While creating a funnel page, I could hide/show various content to display on mobile devices. That comes in handy. 

Follow-Up Funnels Actionetics

As marketers say — the key to sales always lies in the follow-up you take. In fact, I found that nearly 78% of sales basically need 5 follow-ups to close a deal. 

Understanding this concept ClickFunnels team has created — Actionetics. This module is the automated process of follow-up emails. With the help of Actionetics, you can easily follow up with your prospects — everything is automated, do it manually. 

What’s more, with the ClickFunnels Actionetics, you can easily create — segmented lists. On the basis of that, you can send follow-up emails depending on your customer — preferences, emails, and even texts. 

There are various options to create segmentation lists such as the age, demographics, last purchase, etc. 

The best part is that Actionetics is free with ClickFunnels. With the help of this robust module, you can easily keep your leads in the sales funnel, and then you have the option to nurture and convert them later on easily. 

Funnel Flix (A Hub of ClickFunnels Video Content)

Yeah, Funnel Flix is the best initiative of ClickFunnels. This module Funnel Flix consists of all useful videos and tutorials that ClickFunnels offer. 

Here you can easily find all the resources to build your first funnel to set up complex segmentation. What’s more, you will find the secret funnel strategy of Russel Brunson, the founder ClickFunnels. 

The key takeaway of Funnel Flix:

  • Business strategy videos — Jay Abraham
  • Traffic Secrets for various marketing hacks

Other useful videos can help you understand ClickFunnels and funnels in a better way. 

Built-in Analytics

Yes, ClickFunnels comes with robust analytics modules which enable you to understand your funnels. As a result, you can easily understand all the performance of your sales funnels at a glance. 

The powerful analytics of ClickFunnels helps you get detailed insights into—

  • Page Views
  • Sales
  • Opti-ins
  • Earnings per page view

Everything is pre-configured, so you need to sit back and analyze your funnels with the powerful analytics of ClickFunnels. 

Membership Website Module 

The membership content of ClickFunnels is lit; I have used this membership module to create members-only content. 

With the help of the easy membership module of ClickFunnels, you can easily create members-only content with ease. Well, for that you there are also ready-to-use templates that you can use on the go. 

Member Access

So this module easily helps you create members-only content. 

Smart Abandoned Shopping Carts Module

We all know, shopping carts are the key to boost conversions.

With the help of ClickFunnels, you can easily get an insider to view your customers’ behavior during their buying journey. Once you understand the buying pattern of the customer, you can easily motivate them to take action. 

For example, if your customer added a product to the shopping cart and then left without making payments. ClickFunnels helps you understand the buyer’s journey and send them a discount offer to recover the abandoned cart easily. 

A/B testing & CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Module

A/B testing is the heart and soul of any marketing campaign. 

As we know, customer behavior and journey changes, so you need to be updated with the latest trends. So you need to create different landing pages and find which one is working best for you. This is the way that makes sure we convert the maximum amount of leads.

Manually doing A/B testing on two landing pages costs much effort, and many complex processes are involved. 

However, when I have to do the A/B testing for my sales page, I use the A/B testing module of ClickFunnels. I was able to test different elements of many pages that are listed below:

  • Headings
  • Images
  • Vides
  • Copy
  • CTA Buttons etc

So now you have an idea of how powerful the A/B testing module of ClickFunnels is. 

How to Build Sales Funnels With ClickFunnels Like A Pro (My Analysis)

We have covered all the key features aspects of ClickFunnels; now it’s time to see ClickFunnels in action. 

Here I’m gonna tell you how I have built a funnel with ClickFunnels. I’ll share all my learning and findings here in this section. 

To get started, I’ll try my best to create a classic funnel that isn’t too complicated for beginners to understand. 

Here’s the step-by-step breakdown of the funnel creation process of ClickFunnels.

PS: If you want to create your first funnel with me, sign-up for the ClickFunnels free trial here, and get started building your first sales funnel with me.  

Step #1: Log in to ClickFunnels Dashboard

The first step is to head over to the dashboard of ClickFunnels. You will find a green button displaying the “Build a Funnel” option. That’s where we’ll get started. 

Click Funnels Dashboard

Image Source: ClickFunnels

Step #2: Choosing Goals

In this step, you find an option to choose your goals. You can choose from different goals such as

Choosing Goal
  • Collect Emails: Choose this goal if you want to get an email lead and build an engaging email list. 
  • Sell Your Products: Choose this goal if you want to sell your products. If you’re an eCommerce store owner who wants to sell more, choose this goal.
  • Host Webinars: Choose this goal if you want to host live or some automated webinars. 

Well, I will opt for the very first option.. 

Right for this review of ClickFunnels, I’ll create a funnel to build an email list. 

Step #3: Name the Funnel 

Now its time to name the funnel; let’s say we name it as “Test1” 

Name Of Funnel

Image credit: ClickFunnels, Shane Barker 

The next step is to easily add any group tags (similar funnels) that you want to group it with; when you group your funnels with the tags, it’s easy for you to organize them on the dashboard. 

Right now, I haven’t created any kind of group tags, so I’m going to just leave that field blank. 

Note: On the right side, you will see some explainer video that helps you understand the process of creating funnels in a super easy way. 

Step #4: Basic Tweaks

On the dashboard itself, you will be able to see the main categories — Optin and Thankyou. (You find the main categories on the left sidebar)

I’ll go with the “Optin” option here. The best part on the right side of the screen sees all the templates that are ready to use. You can choose from different design options available there. 

Basic Tweaks

You can choose any templates and get started right away.

Note: Well, if you wanna try ClickFunnels, just sign up for ClickFunnels 14 days free trial here. 

Step #5: Choosing Optin Templates 

For me, I think the Big Red 2 Step template is good to go, as it has a bright color to catch users attention, and it’s really popping out. 

Option Template

You can choose any templates of your choice. Remember, you can make changes to the design as per your website branding and colors. 

Step #6: Customizing the “Big Red 2 Step” Template

Now in this section, we need to customize the template. To customize the template, you just need to click on the “Edit Page” option. 

Here you can make the changes to design and colors that way you want. 

Start ClickFunnels 14 Days Free Trial Now

Step #7: Changing the “Trigger Headings”

Well, you also have the option to change the headings and subheadings. You just need to click on the text which you wanna change; you will see the editor popup for editing purposes. 

Trigger Heading

You have various options available to change the colors, size, and even background of the text. 

Edit Mobile Size

There are multiple options for customization available. You just need to click on the setting icon to start making the changes. 

The best part, you also have the option to check and optimize the template for mobile devices. You can also check the preview of the template while making the changes. 

Main Headline

Step #8: Adding Elements

In this step, we are gonna add the “Elements” option right from the top bar. Check the screenshot below. 

Adding Elements

Here you can add various elements such as — CTA buttons, Videos, countdown timers, etc. 

Add New element

For this Optin, I’m gonna choose to add the countdown timer element. 

What’s more, you also have the option to add a section to the design. See the screenshot below:

Add New Section

You can try adding other templates to this section. 

Now here, you can also choose what kind of layout you actually wanna choose. For now, I’m gonna choose the “Medium” layout option so that the new section that I’m adding here should fit in with the current design. 


PS: You can also choose other options in the Action menu as per your needs. 

Why don’t you sign up for the ClickFunnels 14 Days free trial here? 

Step #9: Customizing the New Section

Here as you can refer to the screenshot below, a row is added right at the bottom. 

What’s more, here, you have the option to change the settings options, or even you can add new columns or sidebar. 


For this, I am going to add two columns right to my design. 

Once I added these two columns to the new section, you’ll be able to see that. Refer to the screenshot below. 

ScreenShot Below

Now here in these two columns, you add various elements as well. 

For now, what I’m gonna add to these buttons on the Social Shares and the other one is the privacy notice. 

 Privacy Notice

You have the option to add other aspects as well, such as adding a Facebook share button, tweet block, etc. 

Once these elements are placed, you have the option to align them to fit your design. 

Privacy Notice Placeholder

Step #10: The Final Touch

Now at this stage, I’m almost ready with the design. However, if you know SEO, you might see we’re missing some aspects of it. 

Well, here we gotta add the “SEO Meta Data” option right from the “Settings” options. 

SEO Meta Data

That will open a dialog box where you have to enter the title, keywords, social image, and so on. Relate to the screenshot below.

Well, that’s the final design we can say. It’s easy to setup your funnels with ClickFunnels.

I suggest you keep experimenting with design and other aspects to know the tool better. This was just the basics to help you have a brief understanding of ClickFunnels funnel building. 

Get ClickFunnels 14 Days Free Trial NOW

There are other cool features and modules of ClickFunnels, such as — Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook. Well, for that, I’m gonna explain in some other post to help you have detailed insights into it. 

Free Trial

Now we have a deep understanding of ClickFunnels, which gives insights into this ClickFunnels review. 

How Much do ClickFunnels Cost?

Well, you might have the question — Why is ClickFunnels so expensive?

The answer is — it is worth the value it provides with the modules and tools it offers. 

Let’s break down the pricing plans of ClickFunnels so that you get to understand which plan is best for you & WHY?

Note: Before getting started with the pricing plans, go with ClickFunnels ‘ days free trial here

Plans That ClickFunnels Offers:

  • ClickFunnels Basic
  • ClickFunnels Platinum

Let’s break it down. 

Click Funnels Pricing
Available ClickFunnls Pricing

ClickFunnels Basic Plan ($97/month)

It comes with all the essential and advanced features for a beginner. Let’s break down the key features in detail. 

What’s in the ClickFunnels Basic Plan?

  • Upto 20 Funnels
  • Upto 100 Pages 
  • Valid for 1 User
  • 3 Domains
  • Chat support
  • No follow-up funnels 
  • Support 3 Payment gateways
  • Provides access to Funnel Hacker Forum and Funnel Flix

This plan is best suited to beginners who are just getting started. 

ClickFunnels Platinum Plan ($297/mo)

This plan is for growth hackers who wanna create unlimited funnels and landing pages. Let’s break it down into what you will get. 

What’s in the ClickFunnels Platinum Plan?

  • Valid for three users
  • Unlimited funnels and pages
  • 9 payment gateway supported
  • 9 domains supported
  • Unlimited follow-up funnels 
  • Live funnel building coaching
  • It has a priority customer support
  • Funnels Hacker and Funnel Flix, along with some additional courses and materials. 

The Two CommaClubX Plan ($2497/mo)

This plan is for 1% of marketing nerds who want to change marketing fortune through funnels. 


What’s in the CommaClubX Plan?

  • 27 Domains 
  • Ten users
  • Unlimited funnels and pages
  • 27 payments gateways
  • Unlimited follow-up emails
  • Priority support + VIP phone support
  • Provides access to — Two Comma Club courses and live events
  • Funnels Hacker forum along with Funnel Flix and other valuable resources.

So these are pricing plans that ClickFunnels offers.

Which Plan Should I Choose? (My Verdict)

Well, I was also figuring out which plan to choose.

I would say for a beginner $97/month isn’t that affordable. However, if you’re a beginner with lead nurturing and wanna make the most funnels, the ClickFunnels basic plan is worth a try. 

I would highly recommend getting started with ClickFunnels 14 days free trial or ClickFunnels Basic plan first. 

Once you see some visible results, you can upgrade to the Platinum plan and easily get all the automation features you need to bring sales and conversion rolling. 

Some Of The Best ClickFunnels Alternatives

I have explained much about ClickFunnels; there are other sales funnel builders out there in the market. So let’s check out how ClickFunnels stacks up against these competitors. 

Related Read: The list of best ClickFunnels Alternatives.

Kartra — A Reliable Alternative to ClickFunnels 

Kartra is one-stop marketing automation; also it has robust sales funnels & campaigns modules. You can also check our Kartra Review here

However, Kartra isn’t that cheap as it has various tools and products to offer. However, it’s a great alternative that you can try. 

GrooveFunnels – A New YET Robust Funnel Builder 

GrooveFunnels is a robust sales funnel builder which is relatively new compared to ClickFunnels. You can check our in-depth GrooveFunnels review here

It has all the essential and advanced features you would need to create solid funnels for your online ventures. What’s more, it’s affordable compared to ClickFunnels. 

BuilderAll – The Best Budget Alternative To ClickFunnels

This is the best on-budget alternative to ClickFunnels. Some of the key features of builder all is –

  • A CRM
  • Blogging App
  • Email Marketing Module
  • WordPress Integration
  • Drag and Drop Marketing automation
  • A robust website and funnels builder (templates offered)
  • Live Streaming — Youtube, Facebook, and so on. 

Verdict: It is not a dedicated tool for building sales funnels, so you might not find it as effective as ClickFunnels. However, if you’re on a budget, the base plan starts at $19/mo. 

ClickFunnels Customer Support (Reliable & Responsive?)

As per my experience with the ClickFunnels customer support, I found it to be responsive and supportive. 

They have live chat support. In addition to that, they have extensive help docs explaining the ClickFunnels tools and features in detail. 

What’s more, you can also enroll for the Mastery Training that will help you master the products. The best part, ClickFunnels has a growing community of marketers from all over the world. 

The bottom line is that the ClickFunnels customer support is reliable and responsive. 

ClickFunnels Case Studies 

So don’t just take my words for ClickFunnels, let’s just check a few Case Studies of ClickFunnels customers. 

Case Study #1: How ClickFunnels Helped A Blogger – Natalie Hodson

Here I won’t be going through that in-depth explaining all the details; however, here’s the ClickFunnels case study video. 

Case Study #2: How ClickFunnels Helped A GYM Owner – Alex Hormozi

Check how a beginner with no technical experience generated more leads and converted leads into potential paying customers using ClickFunnels.

Here’s the video case study

Conclusion: Is ClickFunnels Worth Your TRY?

In the last of this ClickFunnels review, I would say — ClickFunnels is worth every single penny I invested. 

If you’re someone looking to generate more leads, boost conversion rate — ClickFunnels is the best shot to take. 

As earlier I explained, ClickFunnels has an easy and intuitive interface for building funnels and pages. What’s more, it has ready-to-use templates to help you kick start right away. 

What’s more, ClickFunnels is even offering a 14-day free trial. What you are waiting for is just getting started with ClickFunnels now. 

FAQs On ClickFunnels Review

Is ClickFunnels a legit platform?

Yes, ClickFunnels is a legit marketing funnel builder. It was founded by a marketing ninja known by the name— Russel Bronson. They are worth the HYPE they have created with the ClickFunnels. 

Is ClickFunnels worth Your Money?

Yes, ClickFunnels is worth every single penny you invest. If you’re serious about growing your business and get more sales and conversion rolling in. ClickFunnels is the best shot to take. 

Is ClickFunnels free to use?

No ClickFunnels isn’t free to use. However, as of now, they are offering 14 days free trial for ClickFunnels. 

Does ClickFunnels offer any free trial?

Yes, ClickFunnels comes with a 14 day free trial period. You can sign-up for the free trial on the official website. 

Is ClickFunnels a CRM?

No ClickFunnels isn’t a CRM. However, it offers a few modules and tools to help you manage relationships with your customers and leads. 

Can you generate good revenue with ClickFunnels?

I would say, ClickFunnels isn’t going to bring revenue for you. However, if you use the ClickFunnels tools wisely, you can bring more sales and conversions rolling in. 

Why is ClickFunnels so damn expensive? 

The kind of features and modules that ClickFunnels offers is worth every single penny. Although the ClickFunnels funnel builder doesn’t only include a tool, it also comes with various valuable resources such as Funnel Flix to help you succeed. 

Do I need a website or hosting to start with ClickFunnels?

Not necessarily, if you don’t have any domain, you can simply use the subdomains of ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels can easily host your website and domains as well, so don’t worry about that. 

What support options are available with ClickFunnels?

Well, ClickFunnels offers reliable and responsive customer support. In addition, it offers live chat support. What’s more, it has a thriving community on social media. Also, if you upgrade to the Platinum plan, you will have the option to get priority support along with the weekly training sessions.

Well, when you buy tools using links on our website, we may earn a tiny commission — at no extra cost to you. None Whatsoever! This helps us keep curating helpful content 😊

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