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The citation building guide is all about local citation building. It features a step-by-step approach, beginning with the collecting of the business information, going through the research process, and finishing with the actual citation building. Some of the highlights include:

- Best ways to collect and compile business information
- Best tools for finding already existing correct and incorrect listings for a business
- Step-by-step citations research process
- Tips on determining which the best citation sources for a business are
- Tips for discovering these best citation sources
- Tips for choosing which listing to update and which to delete
- Alternative citation building tactics
- List of the best information sources from around the web covering the topic

In addition to the guide you receive 6 bonuses:

Bonus 1: Company Information Sheet Template - a template spreadsheet that shows how you could organize a file with all the information of the business you are doing citation building for.

Bonus 2: Setting Up Chrome Auto-fill - one of the big time-savers when building citations is the auto-fill function of Google Chrome. This is a step-by-step guide to how to set up the function.

Bonus 3: List of Business Directories for the United States - a list of over 200 business directories with their “Submit” URLs, i.e. the URLs from the pages from where the process of creating a listing begins.

Bonus 4: Fixing and Reporting Duplicate Listings - a guide to dealing with duplicate listings on some of the most important and most troublesome business directories.

Bonus 5: List of Sites That Accept Multiple Listings from One Account - not all sites allow multiple listings to be created/claimed via the same account. This list will be very helpful if you have a business with more than one location.

Bonus 6: Phone Verification Guides - guides to how to get listings on some of the most important websites verified.

You get all these goodies at just $30 if you purchase now. You will also receive any future updated versions, additions, or bonuses to the guide with no extra charges, although the regular price will rise with every update.

What people say about the Citation Building Guide:

Nyagoslav’s guide is local SEO gold. Citations are notoriously easy to mess up – but they’re something you can’t afford to mess up if you want to rank well locally. This guide shows you the pitfalls to avoid as well as ways to make building citations as hassle-free as possible. It’s simple, clear, and walks you step-by-step through what to do. Much of it had me nodding in agreement – “Yep, this is how citations should be done” – and the rest offered great tips and techniques that I’ll be incorporating into the work I do for my clients. If you don’t have the time to do citations wrong, hurt your local rankings, and end up redoing all your work, I highly recommend Nyagoslav’s guide.
Phil Rozek,

The Citation Building Guide has really helped us become more efficient and professional at dealing with our clients citations. It’s been particularly helpful in improving our citation clean-up efforts at the start of the process. The guide gave us a comprehensive process on dealing with the existing (often “messy”) citations that need to be fixed to improve the local ranking for our clients. On top of all this, the bonuses included have been very helpful such as the Chrome Auto-fill instructions that saves so much time. Thank you Nyagoslav for producing this excellent guide that’s helped us and our clients!
Nicholas Pratt, SEO Spark

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  1. I’d like to take a moment to praise Nyagoslav’s uncommon expertise in this area. If you own a local business and are educating yourself about Local SEO, or if you need to train someone on your staff to take on Local SEO duties, I am certain that this guide would be of substantial value. Nyagoslav is highly respected in the Local Search industry and his advice and insight are things I have personally come to count on.

  2. Nyagoslav spent over an hour with me on the phone, addressing all my questions about his citation building service. Very professional and informative. Would recommend him to anyone looking for quality local SEO work.

  3. I’d also like to endorse Nyagoslav and his knowledge. Any and all small businesses should purchase his citation guide. Nyagoslav is a fountain of knowledge in local SEO and Google Places optimization space.

  4. Does this guide also applies to Europe? Looks very interesting

  5. I purchased this and with the bonuses found it to be all it as advertise as and more. Nyagoslav is a master craftsman at this technique and it shows. Yopu woukld be wise to use his citation building services

  6. Thanks a lot for such worthful citation building guide.

  7. As a local business owner, i have followed the Nyagoslav Zhekov through Google product forums and found his expertize as top class.And it was a great news that all of his expertise comes as a package and i really interested with this product and recommending the same to the other local business owners and marketing people.

  8. Nyagoslav-

    Would this resource help agencies with multiple clients with multiple locations? Thanks.

  9. Great guide to Citation building, these have become more and more important over the last few years, now with Google Venice i see them being more important than ever.

    I normally use whitespark to find my citations.



  10. Powerful building citation guide thanks

  11. Great post only just started to learn about citation building. SEO is forever changing and I found this post to be really helpful. Thanks for sharing

  12. Do you think your guide is necessary if purchasing Whitespark citation building services?

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