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If you read this blog regularly, you should know it’s all about local SEO and local SEM. If you don’t, well, now you know. During the year we went through literally hundreds, or even thousands, of local search marketing related articles and we learned a lot from them. We also tried to share some of our knowledge via our blog and we hope we contributed to the local search community with our tips and ideas.

We gathered all the articles that dazzled us during the year and created a compilation of about 100 pieces, divided into 12 categories:

General Local SEO & Local SEM

Onsite Local SEO

Link Building for Local SEO

Content Strategies for Local SEO

Google Places

Citations for Local SEO

Reviews for Local SEO & SEM

Bing Business Portal

Tracking and Monitoring of Local SEO

Local Search Statistics

Local Paid Search

Our Local SEO Articles

While we are trying to always be on top of everything local, we might have missed something out. If it’s so, we would be happy to hear about it in the comments below.

General Local SEO & Local SEM

Local Search Ranking Factors (David Mihm)

Google Local Search Ranking Keys: Relevance, Prominence & Distance (Chris Smith, SEM Clubhouse)

Dissecting Local SEO Via Competitive Analysis (Mike Belasco, Darren Shaw, Mary Bowling, SEOmoz)

4 Tips For Success With Seasonal, Local SEO (Andrew Shotland, Search Engine Land)

Social-Local-Mobile Tactics Drive Retail Success (Paul Bruemmer, Search Engine Land)

How To Boost In-Store Traffic & Sales By Optimizing Your Digital Storefront For Local SEO (Paul Bruemmer, Search Engine Land)

Nifty Hard Core Local SEO Tactics From SMX Advanced (Andrew Shotland, Search Engine Land)

How to Divide up Your Time for Maximum Local Visibility in Google Places (Phil Rozek, Local Visibility System)

Keeping Control of your Local SEO Assets (Steve Hatcher, Search Engine People)

Local Search Ranking Factors? Sadly, They’re Not Actual Industry Practices (Matt McGee, Small Business SEM)

Google Places Algorithm Change – New Proximity Lockout Algo Can Cause Major Ranking Drop (Linda Buquet, Catalyst eMarketing)

Google Places – Cracking the Proximity Lockout Algo (Gav Heppinstall, Crunch Web Design)

10 Local Search Tools I Simply Can’t Live Without (Mike Ramsey, Search Engine Journal)

Local Search Explained (Alan See, Networking Exchange Blog)

Onsite Local SEO

What NOT To Do On Local Business Websites (Chris Smith, Search Engine Land)

A Guide To Geocoding Images For Local SEO (Chris Smith, Search Engine Land)

10 Image Optimization Tips For Local SEO (Chris Smith, Bruce Clay)

Using Semantic Markup To Strengthen Your Local SEO Efforts (Mike Wilton, Search Engine People)

Local Search O-Pack and the Art of Title Tags (Mike Ramsey, Search Engine Journal)

SEO Checklist for Local Small Business Websites (Rae Hoffman-Dolan, Sugarrae)

Link Building for Local SEO

5 Geo-specific Link Building Tips (Kaila Strong, Vertical Measures)

10 Unorthodox Ideas For Local Citations & Links (Chris Smith, Search Engine Land)

3 More Unorthodox Ideas For Local Citations & Links (Chris Smith, SEM Clubhouse)

12 Tips For Using Press Releases In Local Online Marketing (Chris Smith, Search Engine Land)

How To Rank Nationally With Local Links (Ross Hudgens, Search Engine Land)

5 Sources of Links for Local Businesses (Geoff Kenyon, Search Engine Journal)

4 Link Building Strategies for “Too Busy for Link Building” Local Businesses (Brent Carnduff, Search Engine Journal)

Content Strategies for Local SEO

Blogging as a Content Strategy for Local SEO? – You’re Doing it Wrong! (Steve Hatcher, Axemedia)

Local Content Definition: What Makes Material Of Local Signficance? (Mirriam Ellis, Copy Local)

Google Insights for Researching Local Search Keywords (Tommy Redmond, Webbed Marketing)

Google Places

A Brief History of Features in Google Local, Maps and Places (slideshow) (Mike Blumenthal)

Google Places Basics: Listing a New Business – A Timeline for Launch (Mike Blumenthal)

8 Tips to Maximize Your Branded Presence in the Google Local Search Results (Mike Blumenthal)

Google Offers Up a Step by Step Guide to Deal with “We do currently do not support this location” (Mike Blumenthal)

The Untold Story of 2011: Google’s Significant Investments in a Google Places Support Structure (Mike Blumenthal)

9 Common Ways To Bork Your Local Rankings In Google (Chris Smith, Search Engine Land)

A Little Light Reading On Google Maps Ranking Factors (Andrew Shotland, Local SEO Guide)

Closed, Says Google, but Shops’ Signs Say Open (David Segal, The New York Times)

Do Google Places Listings Really Matter? (Steve Hatcher, Axemedia)

An Inside Look At How I Chose 1 Local Tire Shop Out Of The 7-Pack (Mirriam Ellis, Solas Web Design)

7-pack vs Blended Local Results - Split Testing? (Darren Shaw, Whitespark)

Google Places Cross Optimization Case Study (Bhawna Sharma, Milestone Internet Marketing)

Google Places Help – Verification Problems and Tips for Consultants (Linda Buquet, Catalyst eMarketing)

 Las Vegas Hotels: 7 Pack Place Page Review (Michael Dorausch)

Battle Las Vegas: Disappearing Hotels in Local Search (Michael Dorausch)

Hotels Lose against Google Local: Centroid Battle for Las Vegas (Michael Dorausch)

Google’s New Sentiment Phrase Snippets for Google Places (Bill Slawski, SEO by the Sea)

Citations for Local SEO

Top 50 Citation Sources For UK & US Local Businesses (Myles Anderson, Search Engine Land)

9 Secrets for Easier and Faster Local Citation Gathering (Phil Rozek, Local Visibility System)

Top UK Local-Business Directories (AKA Citation Sources) (Phil Rozek, Local Visibility System)

No Punctuation In Localeze And No Field Definitions In Bing Local (Mirriam Ellis, Solas Web Design)

Take Care with UK Local – A Data Flaw in Directory Sources (Nichola Scott, Search Engine Watch)

Google Places Citations: 5 More Tactics to Earn Links for Your Local Business (Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz)

How to Research Local Citations After Google Removed them from Places (Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz)

The Ultimate List of Local Citation Sites (Mike Wilton, Search News Central)

Reviews for Local SEO & SEM

Testimonials as Reviews – A View from the Field (Mike Blumenthal)

5 Tips for Responding (or Not) to “Fake” Reviews (Mike Blumenthal)

The Growth of Reviews In Google Places (aka Hotpot) (Mike Blumenthal)

Changes in Google Places and Reviews – What Does it Mean for the SMB? (Mike Blumenthal)

Review Management: 7 Tips on Avoiding Bad Reviews (Mike Blumenthal)

An Imagined Conversation with Google about Reviews, 29Prime & Sock Puppets (Mike Blumenthal)

5 Tips For Responding To Negative Customer Reviews Online (Andrew Shotland, Search Engine Land)

5 Tips To Get More Online Customer Reviews (Andrew Shotland, Search Engine Land)

Negative Reviews in Local Search: A Survival Guide for Businesses (Eric Edge, Search Engine Watch)

The Local Reviews Ecosystem — Threats and Opportunities Abound (Andrew Shotland, BIA Kelsey)

Google, Yelp and Why Review Counts are Meaningless (Matt McGee, Small Business SEM)

The 3 Pillars of Local Search Reviews (Mike Ramsey, Search Engine Journal)

Bing Business Portal

Bing Rolls Out Integrated Marketing Approach to Their Local Business Portal (Mike Blumenthal)

5 Reasons Search Marketers Shouldn’t Discount Bing (Jon Schepke, Search Engine Watch)

Complete Guide to Bing’s New Local Business Portal (Matt McGee, Small Business SEM)

Tracking and Monitoring of Local SEO

Tracking Offline Conversions for Local SEO (Eric Covino, SEO Book)

Tracking Traffic from Google Places in Google Analytics (Rebecca Lehmann, SEOmoz)

Local Search Statistics

30% of all Restaurant Queries on Google Are Mobile (Mike Blumenthal)

Eye-Tracking Google SERPs - 5 Tales of Pizza (Dr. Pete, SEOmoz)

Search Engines Top Local News Sites for Community Information (eMarketer)

Young Men Lead Location-Based Service Adoption (eMarketer)

Why Your Business Listings Are Probably Wrong! (Yext)

Research Shows Which Google Places Listings Get More Clicks (Research by Mediative)

How Users Search For Local Businesses + 5 Tips To Optimize Local Listings (Myles Anderson, Search Engine Land)

Harnessing The Power Of Online Customer Reviews For Local Business Growth (Myles Anderson, Search Engine Land)

The Numbers and Facts on Google Places Reviews (Phil Rozek, Local Visibility System)

Search Secures Recognition as Local Business Info Provider (Rob Young, Search Engine Watch)


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