Nyagoslav Zhekov - Local Search Specialist

Nyagoslav Zhekov is a 28-old Bulgarian, living in Malaysia. His interest in marketing, and online marketing in particular, has been growing throughout his career. Thus, it came as no surprise that search engine optimization became his passion. He started using his knowledge professionally during a 3-month internship in the Osaka-based company Label Bank, in 2010. Upon return to his homeland he did not waste any time and became an SEO in a company specializing in Google Places and local SEO. However, he soon realized that his abilities and genuine interest in the field were an excellent incentive to co-found his own company. Apart from work, Nyagoslav loves spending time with his wife Jenny, helping her with her body care products businesstravelling with her, or playing futsal.

Nyagoslav is a guest author for SearchEnginePeople.com. His articles have been published on blogs such as Blumenthals.com and Expand2Web.com. He has been cited on SearchEngineLand.com, DavidMihm.com, LocalSEOGuide.com, SearchEngineRoundtable.com, and many others.

Nyagoslav’s biggest achievement in his professional career up to now was his speaking invitation for SMX West 2012. He presented on the internal clustering system of Google Places as part of the session “Solving Problems and Seeing Success in Google Places”.

Nyagoslav frequently answers questions on the Google and Your Business Forum (where he is a Top Contributor) and Quora.

You can contact him using:

  • Phone: (+1) 347-535-4535 (USA)
  • E-mail: nyagoslav.zhekov@gmail.com
  • Skype: Nyagoslav.Zhekov

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