Sep 202011

abeen notified in the comments that the issue with the postcard verification has been resolved. However, a new issue – with the phone verification, has popped up. Definitely some tweaks on the verification side are going on.

Yesterday I wrote about businesses having problems setting their service area or hiding their address at your Google Places page. Today Google decided that it will disallow yet another core function of its product – adding a new listing.

Google Places System Error

Numerous business owners have been complaining that since yesterday they are unable to list their business on Google Places. The problem occurs after they fill in their business data and click “Submit”. They are given the normal postcard verification option, but when they click “Finish”, a message shows up saying: “System Error We’re sorry, but we are unable to serve your request at this time. Please try back in a few minutes.” However, the few minutes never come and while some have tried numerous times, they had no success. (see complaints here, here, here, here, here and here). The error message started showing up today (US time, yesterday Malaysian time), and the first to report it were a few Australian business owners.

One is coincidence, but two (especially in Google Places) is already a trend. These bugs seem like a definite sign that something is being tweaked on Places, and we will soon be witnessing a new major change. As the problems are with the “Areas Served” and verification options, I believe the modifications should be expected at these settings.

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