Jun 262012

Update: I just noticed that David announced the results of the study on his blog, too.

Today I was planning of posting the next part of the Local Citation Building Study (you can see parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the meantime), which covers the best local business directories for Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. However, a tweet by Phil Rozek made me change my mind.

Phil pointed out a new resource on the GetListed.org directory, which features one of the most thorough list of local citation sources I’ve seen up to now. David Mihm and Darren Shaw researched “71 local search categories across 53 large US cities, 20 medium-sized cities, and 20 smaller cities” and came up with the top 10 citation sources for each of them by city. I had previously done a much smaller scale research of industry-specific directories, but this is something really impressive and a bit of information everyone doing local SEO should refer to.

My initial observations are that YP.com is owning a large part of the top positions, followed closely by Yelp, and distant thirds seem to be Citysearch and Superpages. Additionally, full list for each of these cities is available on Whitespark’s Local Citation Finder. Today I managed to peak at this data, but unfortunately ever since then Whitespark’s server seems to be overloaded.

We will definitely be using this data as part of our local citation building service when determining the most suitable citation sources for each business.

*Note: Our Citation Building Guide features more information, tips, and tactics on how to do local citation building.

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  1. Hey Nyagoslav,

    Glad you think the “Citation Map” is as awesome as I think it is!

    I hope you still do #5. Seems there’s not a whole lot of overlap. Granted, one may need some time to digest the Citation Map, but people definitely need a current, comprehensive list of Australia / Germany / New Zealand citations.

    • Phil, thanks for the heads up on this one! I’m still not sure how you found it when it hasn’t been publicly announced yet.

      Yep, I’ll be posting the next part of the citation building study later this week. The information for these countries is more scarce than for the previous ones, and your list is probably the best source of citations for Australia specifically. There is one really great list of German local business directories, and everything else is just very small and scarce ones, so I will most probably need to use some of the knowledge I obtained via personal experience :)

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