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s.com/blog/2011/03/23/google-places-dashboard-qr-code-mia-good-riddance/”>Mike Blumenthal).

Moreover, you can create a short URL out of the same one that is embedded in the QR code, so that your customers, who don’t have a smartphone could also leave their reviews. The best services for URL abbreviation are goo.gl and bit.ly. As a result, now you are free to set up the back of your business card to look something like this:

Back of Business Card

2. Follow-up email:

This would be easy if you are communicating with your clients mainly via emails and/or your customers are mainly people who tend to regularly check their gmail, hotmail or yahoo mail. I am purposefully pinpointing these 3 because they are an important part of the process of deciding how to formulate your email. Why? Because Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are smart and they know that saving time and making things simple matters. You will have to customize the content of your message  depending on what email provider your clients are using.

– Gmail – it is probably best to invite gmail clients for Google Places reviews, because as they are reading your email, they surely are already logged in to their Google Account, so they will automatically be able to leave their comment without having to log in separately;

– Yahoo! Mail – ask them to post a review on your Yahoo! Local listing. Just as with Google Places, attach “?open=review#review” to the end of the listing’s URL, and  the concatenated URL will directly open the review page;

– Hotmail – as you can guess, it would be smartest to invite hotmail clients for Bing Business Portal reviews by providing a link to your  listing (however, this is currently available only in the US)

3. Facebook:

You can place any link on your Facebook fan page. However, I would recommend that you emphasize on providing links to get reviewed on the IYPs. Many of these websites provide the opportunity for a new user to log in using their Facebook account (Citysearch, InsiderPages, Citysearch, JudysBook, SuperPages, YellowPages). This means that the clients viewing your Facebook page are one click away from writing a review. Furthermore, you could set up a special tab on your company’s Facebook page, where customers could directly leave reviews.

4. Be careful using Yelp:

Yelp’s policy differs from the majority of the other review websites. They have a specially created filter system, which very often catches irregular or first-time reviewers and puts them in the “Filter Folder”, where they are not visible for the regular visitor of the page. I usually do not recommend Yelp to be used as a review source, unless the business is a restaurant, cafe or a bar. The site is user-unfriendly for businesses such as electricians, plumbers, movers and towers, which generally provide one-time service to their customers.


Online reputation management is extremely important part of every small business. I am planning to write a sequel, including newly adopted features, such as Featured Review, Descriptive Terms, City Pages, as well as the new Google business-customer mobile connection systemTalkBin.

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