We know it is annoying when people do not include a list of their service rates on their websites (especially when they are Internet-based businesses). But there is a reason for us not to have such a list – it is simply impossible to create it. SEO as a service has a multitude of variables, and “packages” do not really fit well. Some of the variables we take into account when starting on a new project include: size of the project, current stage of online presence, difficulty of the task, competitiveness of the niche, relative strength of the competition.

Our pricing structure is built up in the following manner:

First month – this is the “most expensive” month as the most important and time-taking work is done during it. This includes SEO audit, competition research, solving of the most urgent problems, building up a plan for the rest of the project. Let’s set the rate for this month at “2n”.

Second month – during this month most of the “brute” work is done, this includes on-site improvements, content marketing and syndication, link acquisition, social media strategy, citation building, etc. The rate for this month is “1.5n”.

Third month – we use the third month as a check point to see if we are on the right track; if yes – we stick to the initial plan; if no – we make changes and keep working. The rate for this month is “n”.

After the third month – normally our initial agreements with our clients include 3-month preliminary plans. Everything after the third month is optional, but we always recommend that if not by us, then at least the business or another agency should keep on working, as SEO is an ongoing process. The rate per month after the third month is usually “n”.

While our rates are not fixed, here are a few general examples to give you an idea of our pricing:

– Doctor in Lexington, VA, USA:

3-month project rate = US$1,075 (1st month = $500, 2nd month = $325, 3rd month = $250)

– Lawyer in Nashville, TN, USA:

3-month project rate = US$1,800 (1st month = $800, 2nd month = $600, 3rd month = $400)

– Auto Repair Seattle, WA, USA:

3-month project rate = US$2,250 (1st month = $1,000, 2nd month = $750, 3rd month = $500)