Apr 102012

This week, which marks my 1 year of blogging on local search, I decided to start something new, aside from this site. As I read news related to small business marketing, local search marketing, etc, practically every day, I naturally like to curate and store this content. Up to now I was doing that on Scoop.it, but it doesn’t really give me a lot of flexibility. Thus, I decided to switch to a more blog-like form of curating. My final decision is called Local Search Blog, a blog dedicated to local search as the name suggests.

My plan is to be adding relevant articles and threads each day and to be sharing my thoughts on each of them in a few sentences. I am still unclear on the order and layout of the content, so I’d be happy to hear some feedback.


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  1. Hi Nyagoslav,

    What was your problem with scoop.it?

    If you want to present that daily “local seo news” stream as ordinary blog content, i would propose, that you transfer that stuff from blogspost to your own domain… that’s better, than relying on third parties. Besides that i would not only post links, but describe them also a little bit, like you did in your first posts… and add more pictures…

    Good luck with your old blog on this new domain!

    • Hi Sebastian, thank you for the comment!

      I think scoop.it is rather limited in terms of layout and capabilities. I was thinking of hosting my own website, but for now I plan to use Blogspot to see how it is going to work out. I’m also seeking for the best way to display the news, etc. In general, I’m currently simply testing the ground.

      I also think links+ description is a better option, but the last few days of the previous week I did not really have the chance and time to do it, so I decided that instead of completely stopping everything, I’d rather post just the links.

      Thank you once again for the input. Much appreciated!

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