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Note: Due to the large number of inquiries we receive, we wanted to make it clear that WE ARE NOT GOOGLE and neither we are affiliated in any way with Google. We do not bear any responsibility for any changes Google has made on either their contact options, or any of their products, including Google Places, Google Plus, GMail, YouTube, etc.

Update (13 September 2012): Many people asked why some of the contact options are not available. I feel I have to make it clear that not necessarily all of them would be available in all cases and for everyone. An example would be the mentioned city-specific phone numbers, which are available only to businesses in the given city, but not country- or world-wide. In addition to this, Google does not answer many questions that are normally answered in the “pinned” threads in the Google and Your Business Forum, so I would suggest you keep a close look at these. Alternatively, you could always contact me for consultation and help, especially with rankings-specific problems.

One of the most asked questions related to Google Places is “How to get real people from Google to speak to”, or “What is the phone number of Google Places’ customer service?” This trend is predominantly caused by the bugginess of the product and the lack of any clear pointers on how to solve many of the problems surrounding it. I have previously written about some ways how one could get support for their Google Places problems, and updated it a little later, but since it was some time ago, some of the tips are now rather rusty.

So here are some more “modern” ways of doing that:

1) Google and Your Business Forum:

Since the Google Places Help Forum moved a few months ago, many things changed. Now the chances of getting a reply from a Google employee (in 95% of the cases that would be Vanessa Schneider), especially if your case is complicated, are close to perfect. If this does not happen for some reason, you might expect a reply by some of the Top Contributors (and wow! I seem to be one of them, although I’m not so active nowadays for a number of reasons). The TCs, as their title is often abbreviated, are the “most devoted and helpful community volunteers” (as per Google) and they often, if not always, provide the best and most accurate answers to the majority of the questions. In many cases these answers might be more accurate than Google’s ones. However, there are also other members of the forum who are trying to help, but bear in mind that there could be important reasons as to why Google did not promote these members to TC status.

2) Phone Support:

Yes! Phone support for Google Places problems does exist. However, only for a small number of cities in the US for now. These include:

Additionally, you might try your luck with the AdWords Express customer service (note that you might have better results if you are an actual paying customer):

There are trial versions also in Canada, New Zealand, Holland, Spain, and Japan, but they seem to not have customer service phone number just yet.

Sometimes, you might get contacted by Google Places representatives who need to confirm that your business is real and legitimate. Their behaviour might be strange (they reportedly do not even identify themselves sometimes), and they might have some very strong accent, but if you get a call from 650-253-2000 – this IS a real Google Places representative.

3) Email Support:

This is the way suggested on the “Contact Us” page of the Google Places Support site. There are two main ways to reach a real person via email, who will reply with a personalized (not automated) message:

– if you are having problems verifying your listing – via this form

– if some information on your listing is incorrect – via this form

Additionally, it seems to be possible to directly write to Google Places customer service using this email:

I have had success using each and every of these methods. Google Places support seems to never have been easier to be reached.

Google Places Excellent Customer Service

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  1. Nyagoslav,

    Thanks for curating this – it’s going to be a big help to the confused masses.

    I just wanted to chime in and say that indeed exists, and the help team is absolutely fantastic. In some cases, I had issues resolved in mere hours! I was dealing with endless merges, stemming from a recent change of business ownership.

    It really seems that Google is finally giving Places the support it needs.

    Thanks again for the resource!

    – Scott

    • Hey Scott,

      Thanks for the comment! Yep, the email could be very useful. It’s just a pity Google doesn’t spread their contact information too much for one reason or another…

      • Hi, Nyagoslav. I need your help to get my name accepted by google and its services. My real name is a common English word, which gets me an error that my name violates google policy on names. I find it very frustrating, discriminatory, insulting and disrespectful for an organisation your size to do this to me.

        In our part of Africa (Southern), this is a very common name and why google has done this baffles me.

        I used my name freely for 7 years before a few days ago when I signed in to google+ which began this whole rejection thing and sadly updated my gmail account which had given me exemplary service. It is a frustrating pain that because I now only use my initial, I need to identify myself every new email. I need your urgent help.

  2. Very useful information. I didn’t know about the email address. I will make use of that for sure. Thanks for the effort you put into this.

  3. Hi this is Tom Sufaj and I am the bushiness owner of eagle cleaning company,I need help to fix my Google places is incorrect in my address and some thing is a mess in my Google place and when I look in the ads it is saying we do not support this location so please let me know if you can do anything about it, Thank you.

    • Tom, definitely sounds like quite a mess. If you need help, feel free to send me details via the contact form, or directly via email. Thanks!

      • In Google Maps if we enter Dhanvanthri clinic chennai.In the left side of the page our link shows “The place is closed or relocated”.Actually the place is still open.We are still running the business in the same place.We had informed about the problem several times in google.Kindly change it to open in the google open since it will affect our business.Kindly do the needful asap

  4. I just want to update everyone that the email address should not really be suggested as a viable support option for those seeking out assistance. Google will just reply with instructions to visit

    • Actually it depends on the problem you are reporting. If there is a pathway through the troubleshooter for your particular problem to be reported, you will most probably be redirected there as it is much easier for Google to keep track of the reports that way. However, if you have some really specific, new, or unknown issue, directly sending an email would be a good option.

  5. Hi their, I need help. Please help. I discovered your blog while searching to find solutions to my problem. Basically my google places listing has been deactived or is not showing up in google search results for the last 3 weeks for some reason. I have sent in emails and filled in many of the forms above but I have not heard back at all from Google. Im so frustrated & really annoyed by this and about to lose my mind. Can I email Vanessa Scheider? Please let me know how you can help me. Thanks

  6. Nyagoslav,

    Our Place/Local+ listing has been up and down since early May- down now for over a month. I have been phone verified (650#) in the last 2 weeks. I have had almost 2 months of email back and for between myself and a Christian A. and an Erik W with Places support and we are still getting “we currently do not support location”. I went to Maps Help Group Forum looking for help and figured out about May 22, 2012 our maps listing was deleted and another listing (which I believe was one an SEO created for us about 3 years ago) is marked as a duplicate. I have also called the Portland number and all I get is Google voicemail.

    Any help?

    • Anna,

      As we already discussed – in your case the problem is with the massive loss of service-based business’ listings by Google. It’s a problem on their end and it’s an engineering one. They are “supposedly” working on fixing it.

  7. I have recently submitted listings to Google Places. I received the postcards and verified the listings accordingly. nearly three weeks later and the listings in my account show as ‘Active’. I do not have any links and my listings are not Live. I cannot find any of them. I really do not know what to do next. There is no one to contact. I cannot raise a ticket for this issue. Please help??

    • Jason, your problem sounds like you have been banned for major violations. It is the so-called “purgatory” stage. You don’t have many options other than starting all over from a new account and following the guidelines.

  8. I have 4 listings on google places and I only received one post card for one location. Since that didnt work I tried the phone option only to have a partial PIN given There is no one that I can call and discuss this matter and no email that I can write in order to have this concern addressed. Really? What ever happened to customer service? Especially for those of us that are paying for your products like the google apps suite and email for our business. I have been dealing with this issue for more than six months. One word : substandard.

  9. I sent this to the customer service email address above: and received an automated reply redirecting me to:

    For questions about Google Places, please visit the Places Help Center:

    For questions about Google Maps, please visit the Maps Help Center:

    How can I get in touch with a real live walking talking human???? Patients are posting reviews on my Places page that aren’t showing up. This has been happening a long time. Please help!

    Dr. Snyder

    • Dr. Snyder, there are many ways described above through which you could eventually talk/chat/email with a real Google rep. The problem with disappearing reviews is a very specific one. It is usually caused by Google trying to improve their system for preventing spam. It causes both fake and legitimate reviews to disappear. Usually the cause for legitimate reviews disappearance is the way in which they have been collected and/or the patients’ online activity.

  10. tnks for the tips, I will take any of the ways that present to try to rech them.

  11. Hello,

    I work for a hotel franchise company and need to claim 42 Google Places listings (maybe more if there are duplicates). I need help doing so as I am in the corporate office and the telephone numbers listed are for the front desk agents at the property. As you can imagine, this is not a task that can be easily completed, if at all. I need assistance with Google as soon as possible to complete this task.

    I have sent an email to, but have not received any type of response.

    Thank you,
    Alyssa Schulman

  12. I am desperately trying to get my new business listed but cannot find any reason or way to get my account un-suspended. I created an account years ago for a client without email, it went dormant for years, but there was nothing illegitamite about it. I have since deleted his listing, created a new one for me, but cannot find a way past this. My dashboard shows “Pending-Being Reviewed” but has been this way for over 2 months. Any ideas/suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!!!

  13. Nyagoslav, thanks for the article. I have sent an email to the local help email address; however, I was wondering if you could help me out with my issue.

    Currently there thousands of location listings within my Places account. Recently the Center IDs (which we use in Places as a Store Code to uniquely identify each listing) has changed for all existing locations. I understand that these numbers are not seen by any customers and are strictly on the back-end.

    But is there a way to change ALL store codes in a bulk upload without the system interpreting the listing as entirely new locations. I tested this method on a small sample size and even though all other information was identical (address, email, etc.) the Google system still took the newly edited store code locations and was read them as new locations without overlapping the old store codes.

    Please advise. Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Derek,

      Here’s what Google’s Dasha said:

      It’s really important that Store Codes remain consistent across the life of a location. It’s true that they’re not seen by customers, but the backend latches onto them for listing identity.

      This doesn’t expound too much but at least states this clearly. The interface is designed to interpret a location as new if the Store Code is changed, so if the user changed all of their store codes everything would go haywire.

      Hope that helps!

      I also hope this helps although I know it practically means “no, it’s impossible to change store codes”.

  14. google sucks

  15. I tried sending an email to the email address you listed above, and it was useless. This it the reply I got:

    Thank you for contacting Google. Unfortunately you’ve emailed an alias
    that does not receive direct email contact.
    For questions about Google Places, please visit the Places Help Center:
    For questions about Google Maps, please visit the Maps Help Center:

    Thanks for your understanding!

    The Google Team

    I have also tried contacting them through the “if some information on your listing is incorrect” because there was no help for my specific problem, but that was almost 2 months ago and I have never received a reply from anyone.

    One of their reps tried to get me to place ads on Google for my business. Why would I ever do that if it is impossible to even get my listing off of the “pending – being reviewed” status it has been on for over 2 months?!

    • Roxanne, I am sorry, but I am unsure what the problem in your case is – is it that the status of your listing is “Pending”, or is it that there is some incorrect information on your listing?

  16. I want the email id of goolge india

  17. Hello! I am having trouble changing a lot of information on our google places page that is incorrect. My position has had very high turnover in the past, and numerous managers made many different accounts, I have responded to all of our google reviews, and they are no longer there. Please contact me if you have any advice. Its all so frustrating.

  18. All I did was change the address and I got the PIN (postcard) and entered it – now stuck in “Pending – under review” status.
    Is there anything at all I can do, call …anything…this problem is not listed under the report problems menu.

    • Jim, you could use the troubleshooter, and choose the following option: “My listing no longer appears on Google Maps or is incorrectly marked as closed.” And then simply fill in the information.

  19. Thanks for gathering this info and getting it in one place. Very useful.

  20. Hi Nyagoslav,

    I have had a google place listing for well over a year and in the past 3 months it has been pending/ under review.

    My business, commercial dog walking company Paws In Motion (run out of Vancouver, Canada) is really suffering.

    I also created a business google+ account that will not become live because of the failure to email the VIN number.




    • I have the same problem not answer yet for me! Please help.
      Listing was working fine then was pending has been over 3 months now. Had a new pin sent and confirmed but still the same pending. Can’t see anything wrong with content listing…. Google does not seem to have any support for this.

    • Hi Christine, the pending review could happen for a variety of reasons. Could you recall some more details around what happened and what you did to your listing prior to it going under review?

  21. Nyagoslav,
    Great blog, very helpful!

    I own and operate a franchised business. We operate in three adjacent territories in the western suburbs of Chicago, and have two separate Google Places listings under one account (one Places listing for each of our two physical locations.) Both locations show up in our dashboard, but one of the locations is no longer available – Google reports “we currently do not support location”.

    We have tried to correspond by email as you suggested to, but have not received a reply. Shortly after our first email to Google alerting them to our problem, the call center did receive a call from Google asking to verify the street address. The call center rep verified the address as correct, but then the Google rep asked our call center rep (in North Carolina) for “local landmarks near the business” (in Chicagoland). When the rep tried to transfer the call to me, the Google rep hung up. I followed with two more explanatory emails with local landmark information and a written explanation, but to this point have heard nothing back.

    I’ve carefully reviewed the Google Places quality guidelines, and believe we are in full compliance with the possible exception of our phone number. Although we use a local phone number, we are required by our contract with the franchisor to have all incoming calls ring through to the national call center. So, even though we use local phone numbers, the calls are initially answered by our call center in North Carolina before being transferred or dispatched to us locally.

    Losing our Google Places presence is a real blow to us, as we had spent a lot of time to build up quality reviews. In fact, we were just opening up discussions with the AdWords team about starting to do some per-click ads to accelerate our growth, but with our Places page missing that seems pointless.

    We are pretty discouraged at this point. Do you have any suggestions for us? Our business name/address/phone is:

    AdvantaClean of DuPage County
    1750 N Washington Street, Suite 112, Naperville, IL 60563
    (we are a veteran-owned small business)

    Best regards and thank you in advance for any advice,

    • Hi Randy,

      The “We currently do not support the location” is a known bug and it usually get resolved by making a minor change to your listing. By “minor” I mean, for example adding and/or removing your business address, slightly changing the description, etc. changes NOT related to changing the business name, address, or main phone number. Usually it takes from 1 hour to 1 week for the listing to revert back to life. Let me know if this doesn’t help.


  22. We used to be in the pack of 7 for a long time, first page normally in the A, B Or C position, then one day we vanished.

    We cannot be found in Google maps even if I search for my Company name with city name.
    In Google places my listing shows active but when i click on See My Listing On Google it says “Location Not Supported”

    Also on my Google Plus page all my reviews are gone.
    Very frustrating to say the least, clients who need our phone number think we have gone out of business as they cant even find us on Maps,

    I have been going back and forth with support but all I get is a copy/paste type email back saying they are working on it, but nothing yet!

    Any ideas what I should do, our profile is 100% complete and we have not violated any terms or conditions, plus our listing shows active.

    Am at a loss as it surely is hurting our business, phone traffic has dropped dramatically. Any suggestions?

    By the way thanks for your blog article above, great resource.

  23. Dear sir,
    My g-mail account was unfortunately disabled on 22 October 2012 due to the wrong Birth date entry while updating my orkut account. I sent required age proof documents to Google Fax # 1-650-253-0001 on 29 October 2012.More over,r i tried to call google customer care contact number several times but it was not working.

    I would be very happy and thankful to you if you do reply me.


  24. Hi hoping you can assist. Our Places Account is in a mess due to half the business closing and the other half moving to 2 new locations.

    I now have 6 places in my account and 3 showing on Google.

    I can’t claim the 3rd listing as it does not exist when I try and claim via the phone number on the places listing, I don’t want to create another listing as the business Binks Ford & Western Nissan is now only Binks Ford.

    Also when I go to view listings in my places account so I can figure out what is what I get the location is not supported message, yet the listing report is still tracking. Can you please advise if there is anyone I can speak to at Google to help me get this mess sorted out please.

  25. Thank you so much for this post! It has helped out a lot on my path to getting our information correct on Google. I actually went the adwords route since we are paying customers and have been since 2008. They wouldn’t transfer me over to Google places however he did walk me through some things that I found to be quite useful. I am currently waiting for our Google Map to be updated now, it has been pending for about three weeks now.

    But it is nice to have those extra phone numbers just in case.

  26. Hello Nyagoslav,

    I have a fairly new business listing, Yoga 365 in Clearwater Florida. My business has been verified and I am coming up in the Google search engines now, but not in Google Places, though my account is set up. Does it simply take time for my listing to come up in the Maps/Places section, or is there other problem you can see that I need to take care of?

    Thank you so much,

  27. How to get my old gmail to unlock my fone plz help

  28. Greetings Nyagoslav,
    Attached is an example of the months of frustration and no end in sight with Google Places..
    Emails from the last 7 months.
    Help me please!


    Thanks for getting in touch with us about your listing not displaying on Google Maps.

    We have identified the cause of your listing not showing and we have queued your listing up for review.

    We don’t have a concrete timeline which we can give for this. We are working with our Engineering teams to establish a pathway to revive your listing. Your submission helps us keep track of this problem and we will be reviewing your listing. I’ll also be following up with you once your listing is reviewed.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience.


    The Google Team

    On 12/27/12 07:34:53 “Greg Wagner” wrote:

    I see that My Imaginary Friend Graphics places is now live.
    Now, the Greg’s Piano Tuning places is being reviewed for some reason and does not show up when I search it.
    I did not make any changes to this place and it was live with no issues since July at least.
    Can you please tell me how I can get this issue resolved once and for all?
    I have attached emails of the ongoing problems I have been having with the places I have tried to get listed.
    I have other businesses I would like to list and possibly ad words I would like to buy, but given the issues I have had, I am reluctant to do anything until I can see some positive results.
    Please help me get this straightened out.
    Thank you,
    Greg Wagner
    Greg’s Piano Tuning
    My Imaginary Friend Graphics
    —– Original Message —–
    To: Greg Wagner
    Sent: Monday, November 26, 2012 6:35 PM
    Subject: RE: [1065683744] Google Places for Business Help


    Thank you for contacting Google regarding listings displayed as Pending within your account. You’re seeing this status message due to a technical error when your listings are in fact live on Google Maps.

    Please continue to make updates to your listings with some regularity (even if you just Edit and Submit the listing without changing any information) to ensure that your listing information is sent to Google Maps and to potentially trigger a status update within your dashboard.

    We’re working to improve the accuracy of the Places dashboard messaging, and your feedback helps us track this issue. For now, we can confirm that your provided information is appearing on your listings. You can search using your full title and address information to find your listings online.


    The Google Team

    On 11/26/12 15:15:20 “Greg Wagner” wrote:

    I was wondering if there has been any new information concerning this issue?
    It is still reading pending.
    I would greatly appreciate if you could let me know what I can do to resolve
    this issue.
    Thank you,
    Greg Wagner
    My Imaginary Friend Graphics
    Greg’s Piano Tuning

    —– Original Message —–
    From: “Wagner Team WV – Greg Wagner”
    To: “Google Help”
    Sent: Friday, August 10, 2012 6:23 AM
    Subject: Re: [#1065683744] Google Places for Business Help

    > Hello Rosy,
    > As per your last email, (see below) you requested that I wait for another
    > week or so, I have waited 2 weeks more and I see no change.
    > I have attached a screen capture of my control panel on Google Places.
    > The panel still says My Imaginary Friend Graphics is pending/being
    > reviewed.
    > Is there something else I can do or a number I can call to get this
    > straightened out.
    > It seems like everytime I email to you I get the same non answer.
    > I’m not trying to be rude but this is how it appears.
    > It took less than a week for Greg’s Piano tuning to get approved.
    > We are now talking over a month on this one with no hope in site.
    > Please help!
    > Greg
    > —– Original Message —–
    > From: “Google Help”
    > To: “Greg Wagner”
    > Sent: Monday, July 23, 2012 4:10 PM
    > Subject: Re: [#1065683744] Google Places for Business Help
    >> Hello Greg,
    >> Thanks for letting us know about your listing not displaying properly on
    >> Google Maps. I apologize about the confusion.
    >> It appears that you’ve verified your listing within the past weeks.
    >> Please
    >> note that it may take up to two weeks or a bit longer for newly verified
    >> listings to appear on Google Maps, even if they show as Active within
    >> your
    >> dashboard immediately.
    >> If you are still experiencing problems with your listing’s display in
    >> about another week, please respond to this email.
    >> Regards,
    >> Rosy M.
    >> The Google Team
    >> Original Message Follows:
    >> ————————
    >> From: “Greg Wagner”
    >> Subject: Re: [#1065683744] Google Places for Business Help
    >> Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2012 14:38:32 -0400
    >>> Greetings,
    >>> Please note, the link you forwarded is for Greg’s Piano Tuning.
    >>> The business I have been having problems with is My Imaginary Friend
    >>> Graphics.
    >>> I wasn’t having any problems with Greg’s Piano Tuning.
    >>> I would appreciate if you could help me with this as I have been having
    >>> issues with this for well over a month with what appears to be a total
    >>> misunderstanding as to the problem.
    >>> Thank you,
    >>> Greg Wagner
    >>> —– Original Message —–
    >>> From: “Google Help”
    >>> To: “Greg Wagner”
    >>> Sent: Monday, July 23, 2012 2:16 PM
    >>> Subject: Re: [#1065683744] Google Places for Business Help
    >>> > Hello Greg,
    >>> >
    >>> > Thank you for contacting Google. Your business listing has been
    >> verified
    >>> > and is displaying appropriately:
    >>> >
    >>> >
    >>> >
    >>> > Please remember that newly verified listings, as well as updates to
    >>> > existing listings by business owners, can take up to a week to appear
    >> on
    >>> > Google Maps.
    >>> >
    >>> > Please continue to freshen the data on your listing from your account
    >> by
    >>> > clicking “Edit” from your dashboard, then clicking “Submit” to send
    >> your
    >>> > information to Google Maps on a regular basis. This will ensure that
    >> your
    >>> > listings contain the most accurate information possible.
    >>> >
    >>> > Have a nice day!
    >>> >
    >>> > Regards,
    >>> >
    >>> > Rosy M.
    >>> > The Google Team
    >>> >
    >>> >
    >>> >
    >>> > Original Message Follows:
    >>> > ————————
    >>> > From: “Greg Wagner”
    >>> > Subject: Re: [#1065683744] Google Places for Business Help
    >>> > Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2012 11:15:36 -0400
    >>> >
    >>> >>
    >>> >> Hello,
    >>> >> I just checked my listing today and now it is showing “pending” and
    >> that
    >>> > it
    >>> >> would take several weeks for the process.
    >>> >> Do you need more information?
    >>> >> Please feel free to call me at 304-587-4961 if you need to contact me
    >>> >> directly.
    >>> >> Sincerely,
    >>> >> Greg Wagner
    >>> >>
    >>> >> —– Original Message —–
    >>> >> From: “Google Help”
    >>> >> To:
    >>> >> Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 4:34 PM
    >>> >> Subject: Re: [#1065683744] Google Places for Business Help
    >>> >>
    >>> >>
    >>> >> > Hello,
    >>> >> >
    >>> >> > Thanks for letting us know about your listing not displaying
    >> properly
    >>> > on
    >>> >> > Google Maps.
    >>> >> >
    >>> >> > It appears that you’ve verified your listing within the past week
    >> on
    >>> >> > 7/06/2012. Please note that it may take up to a week or two for
    >> newly
    >>> >> > verified listings to appear on Google Maps, even if they show as
    >>> > Active
    >>> >> > within your dashboard immediately.
    >>> >> >
    >>> >> > If you are still experiencing problems with your listing’s display
    >> in
    >>> >> > after this time, please respond to this email.
    >>> >> >
    >>> >> > In the course of reviewing your question, we took the step of
    >> hiding
    >>> > your
    >>> >> > business address, since it appears that you do not make contact
    >> with
    >>> >> > customers at your physical location. If you do make contact with
    >>> > customers
    >>> >> > at your location, you may uncheck this box within your Places
    >>> > dashboard.
    >>> >> >
    >>> >> > Regards,
    >>> >> >
    >>> >> > Rosy M.
    >>> >> > The Google Team
    >>> >> >
    >>> >> >
    >>> >> >
    >>> >> > Original Message Follows:
    >>> >> > ————————
    >>> >> > From:
    >>> >> > Subject: Google Places for Business Help
    >>> >> > Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2012 15:15:52 +0000
    >>> >> >
    >>> >> >>
    >>> >> >>
    >>> >> >> AutoDetectedBrowser: Google Chrome 12
    >>> >> >> AutoDetectedOS: Windows 7
    >>> >> >> IIILanguage: en
    >>> >> >> IssueType: placesfrontline_notshowing
    >>> >> >> Language: en
    >>> >> >> displayedAnswer:
    >>> >> >> experiment: 0
    >>> >> >> last_listing_date_day: 31
    >>> >> >> last_listing_date_month: 1
    >>> >> >> last_listing_date_year: 2000
    >>> >> >> origin:
    >>> >> >> physical_address: 172 Laxton Hollow Road, Clay, West Virginia,
    >> 25043
    >>> > USA
    >>> >> >> My Imaginary Friend Graphics isn’t appearing. When I click “view
    >> on
    >>> >> > Google
    >>> >> >> maps” it says the location isn’t supported. My other business
    >> Greg’s
    >>> >> > Piano
    >>> >> >> Tuning has the same address and it shows up in a search? My
    >> Imaginary
    >>> >> >> Friend Graphics business never has appeared after verification. I
    >>> >> > created
    >>> >> >> and verified this listing at least a month ago.
    >>> >> >> source: cuf
    >>> >> >>
    >>> >> >
    >>> >>
    >>> >>
    >>> >

  29. hi, my listing for google maps was deleted sumtime in feb, by an unknown source. ive had many emails between myself and google about this, 1st they said that there was another account registered on my account, and told me to contact them, but there is no other person on our account, we have deleted all our listings and tried to start again, someone at google even did this for us whilst on the phone to us and they get the same response, location not supported, when i type our business address 3 doors away a web designer shows up on the map so our address must be supported, i do not understand how a listing at the same address with no changes can suddenly not be supported… please help as it has lost us so much business by not having our business showing up on google maps.

  30. I reported a company using 32 different domains all linked to one website…Its been over a month since reported to google but still listings are there…I know its against google guidelines. I placed 3 listings with google 1.Dukes house clearance Oxford 2.Dukes removals 3. Dukes man and van Oxford and few days later got a call from them…Said i was only allowed one listing. They said they would delete 2 and leave Dukes removals Oxford but when i got home they delete the wrong ones..and so now i only have Dukes removals. If its so had to get one listing how can a company have 32??? why dont they call him to verify??
    Im really disappointed with google places,,they always reply with the same info but nothing has changed…
    If google doesnt do anything can i take action against them as they are breaking their own guidelines by letting these 32 listings go live?
    Please advise me

  31. Hey google places thanks for calling and stoping me in the middle of my job then hanging up on me in mid sentence cause I was not the owner. Great way to do business.

  32. Google places is run by people who seem to be completely dum..Keep ring me and deleting my adds even though they are within guidelines..If only they could do something about all the listing which ARE against guidelines…Absolutely waste of time…

  33. We currently do not support the location

    What doe sthe above mean ???? my google places seems to be fine when I click on “edit’ yet does not show when I try to ‘See your listing on Google ‘

    please help

  34. Nyagoslav,

    This post is much appreciated. This isn’t the first time that I have ended up on a consultant’s blog to find Google contact information… Which leads me to question why you put an image with a green check next to “Ecellent Customer Service”

    Shouldn’t Google at least provide SOME FORM OF CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER in order for you to deem it excellent? Google doesn’t have a heart for customers, at all.

    Google is worse than the government, and I spent the last 5 years of my career as a state income tax consultant fighting styge and local audits, VDAs, etc.. with all the state governments in the U.S. Well, the 44 that impose and income or franchise tax.

    At least the state agencies post a help line! Even if no one has a damn answer for you!!

    /end rant

    • Hi Keller,

      I agree with you on many levels. Regarding the image I used, it was meant as an ironical joke, rather than to present my actual evaluation of Google’s customer service.

      In fact, this post is now a bit outdated. Google offers phone support in specific cases for the US, and email support for almost every country in a number of languages. I have to most probably update it soon.

      • Hi Nyagoslav,

        Thank you for your message. I am happy to hear that we agree! I actually was thinking about posting soon on Google Local support. Maybe you would be interested in me drafting a guest update post? Just an idea.

        Keep up the great work, and thank you for sharing your insights. They’re appreciated!


  35. Hi Nyagoslav,

    I have been searching the internet far and wide for a contact number for Google places, my listings are sometimes left pending and cannot figure out why, any ideas?


    Brett Sinclair

  36. Hello Sir,

    I am not much familiar to Google Place and in earlier if i add any business in google place that time itself i will receive a Pin no through message but nowadays Google place not providing that facility they are sending pin no through post its too late process and what my problem is nowadays if i give any new ad. if i click See your listing on Google its showing We currently do not support the location in a new tab.

    Can any one solve my problem or give toll free number for Google Places

  37. Sadly email support is no longer :(

    If you email the address suggested in this article then you receive a reply telling you to use the “contact us” links in Places For Business Help.

    Unfortunately, those guys don’t really seem to respond so quickly … two days and still waiting.

  38. Hi Nyagoslav,
    I am a consultant for tourism in Lombok, Indonesia, I wished to promote tourism to overseas travellers but in the process I found that many places on Google maps are incorrect. There the base information available and used by online booking companies such as Agoda and Booking,com and the ‘what’s nearby’ of Trip Advisor etc, is based on inaccuracies. Travellers will express their dissatisfaction through hotel site comments and other social media.
    Since I am ‘on the ground’ here, I decided to address the issue. However my data utilized with Google Maps Engine shows up these inaccuracies.

    My query concerns who put the data on the Google Map and who is responsible for correcting it. Who gets paid to do these things?
    As Agoda asks people to report problems with their maps, it is obvious that this is working. Indonesia doesn’t have Google Map Maker, so there is no holistic activity being undertaken to address the situation.
    By the sound of the comments in blogs, these companies outputs look on first glance to be very good, but on closer inspection the maps are sometimes misleading or incorrect. Their apparent lack of service response is frustrating all!

    Is there any way to remedy the situation?

  39. Strange response from #GooglePlaces on local listings for a home builder. Google’s rep suggested that we not list the new home sales center (a model home) since at some point it will change from being a business listing to a residential listing. That is just wrong. It will be a place of business for the next 3 years and then will flip to being a private residence.

    These days it is uncommon, but not that rare (A residence becoming a law or other commercial establishment. Or a whole office building becoming condos.)

    The issue is, when it does happen, how do we get Google and others to recognize that a business is no longer a business location?

  40. why write a review ? I know 3 people that have made reviews for the rockin rhondas page and none of them are where the public can see .only the good reviews from 7 + months ago is there . so I ask you why are we writing these reviews if no one is going to see them?

  41. When I click on gmail on the google site I get a advertisement for google. It is almost impossible for me to reach my gmail. I want this google advert. removed asap.

  42. Is there a division in India from number 10787110398? Being in Alberta, Canada I’m noting that’s where calls are coming from. They have no clear comprehension of English, our business licenses etc and it’s a horrible experience.

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