Oct 252011

If you ask 100 online marketers what the symbol of Google Places is most probably all of them will answer it is the red balloon-shaped marker that appears both on Google Maps and in the organic search results. However, Google seems to be testing a new layout even for this most iconic sign.

About a week ago Jo Shaer notified me that she noticed “grey balloons” next to the Google Places organic search results. She sent me the following screenshot:

Google Places Grey Balloons

Jo said that she would see the change both via Chrome and Mozilla. My first thought was that it might be caused by some plugin. However, I could not investigate that since she stopped seeing the grey balloons soon after and I was unable to produce a query to see them myself. The matter was put to sleep until today, when @nightlitemedia tweeted the following screenshot:

Google Places Grey Balloons US

Have you seen the grey balloons? I am interested to know the scope of this tweak.

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