Sep 022011

Last October, Google launched Boost – an (supposedly) easy way of online advertising for small business owners. While the problems of this marketing tool are not the topic of this post, it has to be mentioned that recently Google decided to re-brand the product and re-named it “AdWords Express”.

Google AdWords Express UK

A few weeks ago, I noticed a comment by Sheetal_M (a Google employee, responsible for the Boost/AdWords Express customer service) on the Google Places Help Forum, saying that “Google Boost is in a limited beta in the UK” (comment date is 13 July 2011).

I asked Google for confirmation and received the following reply:

We did recently launch AdWords Express in a few cities like (Liverpool and Sheffield) in United Kingdom.

We are introducing AdWords Express to select trial markets. It has been running in the United States since last October. We don’t have any expansion plans we can share at the moment. However, as with all our field trials, we will listen to customer feedback before expanding to other locations.

You should hear from us if AdWords Express expands. Please keep an eye out!


AdWords Express Team

I haven’t had the chance to confirm that. If someone has business (or client who has) in Liverpool or Sheffield, I’d be interested to hear if they see the AdWords Express option.

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