May 082012

Google Places Offers

During the past weekend there have been at least 2 complaints (here and here) about Google Places offers (ex-coupons) not working for business listings in the UK. The users complained that they received the following message:

Thank you for creating an offer for your Google Places page. We’ve found that one or more of your offers does not meet our guidelines. These offers have been suspended and are listed below. Your Google Places listing is not otherwise changed and remains active.
Offer with summary: [information about the offer removed by me].
Reasons for suspension:
Since Offers are not supported in this business location at this time, we’ll be temporarily suspending your offer. This offer will no longer appear in Google Places or any other Google product. Rest assured, we’ll inform you when Google Offers becomes available in your location and will invite your participation. Customers who have previously printed or saved your offer may still visit your business to use the offer, but new customers will not be able to discover your offer.
This message was sent from a notification-only email address so email responses will not be seen. If you have any questions, please review the Google Places for Business Help Center.
The Google Places Team

The first part of this message is similar to what Google is sending when they reject a non-compliant offer. However, the second part is something I see for the first time. Vanessa of Google pointed out to the help article for Google Places offers which now reads:

Offers are only available for businesses in the United States.

The last time I checked there was no such message. The only thing related to “Offers” that was unique for the US was the check-in function (as of 17 May 2012 the article for check-in offers function is unavailable anymore). I was unable to find information about when exactly Google Places offers (previously Google Maps coupons) became available outside the US, but during their launch they seem to have been rolled out in the US, Canada, China, and Japan. Additionally the “Offers” tab has been present in every country where Google Places exists, and it is still present now (even in Bulgaria!!!).

Have you had problems with offers being suspended due to unavailability in your country?

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  1. Hi Nyagoslav, good post. Yeah all offers running on any of our client’s Places pages have been suspended and they have received the same email you have pasted above. I don’t understand why…. Even if they aren’t linked to a Google Offers account like you guys have in the states I don’t see the harm in having a printable (snapable) offer which customers can snap on their phone until (if) Google eventually rolls out the complete Google Offers project here in Ireland.

  2. I have been using offers for several years i DK, but unfortunately i recieved the same mail some days ago. Where does it say that offers are only available in the US? The guidelines for Offers are even translated into Danish – but they are still not available??

  3. Sounds like some changes are coming up, doesn’t it? :)

  4. yes, I think it is available for US only for now. Offers tab was available yesterday and is no more in the dashboard this morning.

  5. We have Canadian clients that received the above email about Offers that have been live over 2 years. Wish they would give us some information when just pulling the plug on us like this.

  6. It happened to me too. I dont know what to do. I sent Google an email and will wait to see what they will say ;-(

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