Aug 232012

There are a couple of threads in the Local Search Forum discussing a rather expected phenomenon – significant changes to the Google Places dashboard. While these seem not to appear under everyone’s account, I managed to find such with one of my clients. Here is how the dashboard looks like:

As you could see, the right part of the page where the “Share an update” and “Edit” functionality are normally located, are now missing. The only way to edit a listing is via the “Locations” page (at the top left corner). This “anomaly” coincides with Jade Wang’s recent posting of tips on what to do while Google is gradually rolling out the Google Local pages verification functionality. Additionally, note that the dashboard has changed very little (if at all) during the last 3 years since its launch.

Bugs/malfunctions very often mean some sorts of tweaks or updates to the back end of Google’s local world. This one smells very much like an upcoming complete roll out of Google Places to Google+ Local. Maybe we will finally get some improved dashboard?

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  1. Nyagoslav:

    Interesting. I haven’t seen this for any of my clients but I’ll be keeping an eye out for it now.

    Travis Van Slooten

  2. They hype! Was hoping for a much bigger change ;) I guess time will tell.

  3. I’ve seen this happening on several listings. Here we go!

  4. This might explain why I am having so much trouble with editing my Places page. I can still edit from the dashboard but the changes never seem to go through.

  5. Google has monopolized the Internet. It’s getting ridiculous. Google+ pushes organic listings off of the first page, so in order to be listed, businesses have to play ball with Google and sign up for Google+.

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