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The boom of mobile technology, as well as the natural need for relevant information caused search engines to look deeper into the intent of the searchers. What they discovered is that users often expect to see local results, i.e. results that feature information for their immediate surrounding - neighborhood, city, county, state. This is the main reason why local search marketing and local SEO are becoming the most important tools every business targeting local audience should leverage.

What We Offer:

Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO)

One of the most popular and effective online marketing tactics is search engine optimization (SEO). As the Internet nowadays is the main source of information, with Google being its top provider, getting a website and optimizing it for organic search is becoming vital for many businesses of different size. This statement fully applies to companies focusing on particular local market. People transfer many of their natural buying habits from the real to the online world, and one of these is seeking for products and services that could be purchased from a nearby vendor. That is why we focus on local SEO and is why we recommend it. (Continues here)

Google Plus Local Optimization and Bing Local Optimization

In many cases it is not enough to just optimize your website for local search. Google and Bing provide free tools for local businesses to market to particular area. Google+ Local (and increasingly Bing Business Portal) results show up for almost every search with local intent. However, these results differ from the web (organic) ones in that they feature the business address and phone number, as well as reviews and map pin, in addition to the business name and website. These are all click magnets. They attract the attention of the searcher and consequently increase the traffic, calls and purchases. As an officially recognized specialist in Google+ Local, we offer professional help for your local search endeavors.

Citation Building (Local Directory Submission)

Citation Building ServiceOne of the most influential factors search engines use when determining which business to display higher in the local search results is “Local Prominence”. To calculate the local prominence of a business Google and Bing use the information they find online. Each web page with business information they discover is called a “local citation”. They look at both the quality and quantity of these citations. At NGS Marketing, we have long-term experience in creating and executing local citation building strategies for businesses. (Continues here)

Local Search Marketing Consultation

Google Places Forum Top ContributorAs well-recognized experts in the field of local search, we have confidence in our knowledge. That is why we provide hourly consultations for business owners and Internet marketers, who are having problems dealing with the entangled world of the local online marketing. (Continues here)

What We Do NOT Offer:

Flat Rates

Every business is different and every market is different. We are unable to provide flat rates or even rough estimates unless we know at least a little bit about your business, your needs and your goals. The rates for building up and optimizing a simple 3-page website for a freelance pet sitter in Upton, Wyoming would greatly differ from ones for a real estate agency with offices all across California. We would be more than happy in assisting you with deciding on your local online marketing budget based on your personal and business preferences and wishes.

Ranking Promises

We deliver results, which doesn’t necessarily mean “ranking on first page for [insert preferred keyword here]. The organic search rankings for Google, Bing and other search engines are determined algorithmically. Neither we, nor anyone at Google or Microsoft could predict what the rankings for particular keyword would be tomorrow. If we promise you a first position for “amazing watch shop Seattle” in 2 weeks, we would most probably be lying to you (or if it’s for real we would be cheating the system which might result in your site getting banned from the search engines). That is why everything we promise is that we will follow all the best practices and recommendations provided by the search engines, plus using proven tactics from our own successful experience. Moreover, every time we start a new project we put our own reputation on the table. Having all this in mind, our methods have brought and proceed bringing positive results and ROI for all our past and present clients.

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